When Goku recruited his arch-enemy Frieza to join the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super,” the rest of the team members, Krillin in particular, were all reluctant. Apparently, the most iconic villain is their nemesis but the Saiyan opted to a risky decision. He asked Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect the villain from Hell for 24 hours but it was conditional. Both warriors agreed to a pact that if the former Emperor Of Evil helps team U7 win, his resurrection will be for good. To some fans, this is Frieza’s main reason for joining the team but as the battle royal’s finale gets closer, it seems that he has something gnarly up his sleeves.

The prophecy

Frieza is one great tyrant and for all we know, he can’t just be a friend especially to Goku and the guys from Universe 7.


To this date, we are made to believe that he joined the tournament because he gets the chance to get back to life if the team wins. However, fans have been concerned that there could be something more than that and a prophecy that Todd Blankenship shared on Twitter makes sense. Apparently, most Dragon Ball Super fans agreed with this prediction.

Does Frieza want to be a god?

Universe 7’s Supreme Kai, Shin recently pointed out that the last surviving warrior in the tournament can make a wish on the Super DBs.

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Whis, the Angel of U7 also said that these dragons can kill off the gods and Blankenship predicted that Frieza would win the battle royal and wishes to be Omni-King. Of course, the Super DBs grants this wish and makes him one, adding one more Zen-Oh in the person of Frieza. “Dragon Ball Super” fans even suggest that the resurrected villain might wish to be more powerful than the Zen-Ohs. If that happens, then we should expect Goku and Universe 7’s annihilation for good.

Will he kill off Beerus?

Another fan-made “Dragon Ball Super” theory suggests that Frieza might even kill off Beerus so he can take the latter’s place as Universe 7’s God of Destruction. The resurrected villain has been seen several times cursing Lord Beerus behind his back.


This gives fans an impression that the former emperor of evil has more evil plans apart from the chance to breathe new life into Earth. Frieza is a narcissist and he can’t just agree to champion team U7 in exchange for nothing.

“Dragon Ball Super” returns on October 8 to finally pit Goku against Jiren The Grey. Episodes 109 and 110 will cover the one-hour TV special, which will be a back-to-back episodes to showcase the much-awaited battle. Stay tuned!