For several weeks since the one-hour special of "Dragon Ball Super" was teased, fans have been talking about Jiren the Gray and his unbelievable power. When the new provisional spoilers were released, the speculations about the mysterious fighter grew even wilder, presuming that even Goku in his new form will not able to defeat the fighter.

Fans have come up with a lot of theories about the fight between two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse -Goku and Jiren. It appears that the series has not yet revealed where this mysterious fighter came from, his race, and his backstory. Fortunately, a new theory about Jiren the Gray's origin recently surfaced online.


The fighter’s origin

Jiren is one of the few characters in the entire series that was introduced with very few details about his character. In fact, the fandom has no idea about the character's past. The only detail we know about the mysterious fighter is that he is one of the Pride Troopers. This is also one of the reasons why the character has received a lot of hype.

According to this new theory, Jiren came from a planet, which was to be annihilated by the god of destruction, Belmond. In the Manga, it was revealed that this god has a habit of paying a visit to a planet and interacting with its residents before destroying a particular planet.

The theory claims that Jiren could have met Belmond while the god was on one of his visits. Most probably, the god of destruction saw potential in the fighter and saved him.

Otakukart mentioned that this could explain how the fighter got his name. The term The Gray could be an indicator that he is the last of his kind. The theory goes further, saying that the traumatic experience from his universe’s destruction could be the reason why the fighter is seldom seen showing his emotion.

Unbelievable power

Another theory about Jiren’s unbelievable power recently appeared online.


According to this theory, it is possible that Belmond is working telepathically behind Jiren. The theory claims that Belmond might be channeling his Ki to Jiren to be able to withstand any mortal fighter and win the Tournament of Power.

This is the best possible reason why Belmond did not participate in the sparring match of the god of destruction to test the arena in the World of the Void. Belmond, according to this theory, must have his energy depleted and drained and cannot even spar with other gods.

There are more theories that are expected to flood online as “Dragon Ball Super” progresses.