The latest episode of the popular anime series,Dragon Ball Super” was expected to air this weekend. However, several fans were surprised to find out that no new episode came out.

Anime takes a short break

Since last weekend’s preview, fans have been anticipating the latest episode since it will finally highlight Frost and even feature Master Roshi in a possibly devastating situation. The fans have been looking forward to Frost taking the spotlight in the ongoing Tournament of Power because he hasn’t had one important fight since the battle royal kicked off.


However, fans will have to wait one more week to see what’s in store for the climactic event of the Universe Survival Saga arc. Just in case fans missed the announcement, Dragon Ball Super” Episode 107 has been scheduled to officially air next weekend.

The new and highly anticipated episode was postponed because of the History of Japan Special, which was aired on September 9 and 10 instead. The long special actually featured segments from various anime series including “Dragon Ball Super.”

Universe 7 vs. Frost

Despite the short hiatus, the official updates and spoilers for the upcoming episode of the anime series still poured in.

The official preview was revealed last week, which showed two highlights. The first highlight features Universe 6’s warrior, Frost.

Frost made his debut appearance in the anime series during the Universe 6 Saga when the assassin had recruited him, Hit to be part of Universe 6’s team of warriors for the Tournament of Power in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc. Frost has made some brief appearances in the current arc, but he has yet to make his big scene in the battle royal.

So far, Frost has been wreaking havoc in the tournament and even caught Universe 7’s warrior, Krillin off guard and got him unexpectedly eliminated shortly after the tournament just commenced.


Now, he’s going to be main opponent and he’s going up against the rest of the warriors of Universe 7.

Master Roshi makes a sacrifice

The other highlight in the upcoming episode is Master Roshi and the preview hints that the anime series might just kill him off. Master Roshi is one of the major characters in the “Dragon Ball” anime series and though he has died a couple of times, he was still revived.

In fact, Master Roshi recently died in the Tournament of Power just after using his Evil Containment Wave technique and unleashing the ultimate Kamehameha attack.

Luckily, Son Goku was able to revive him but it seems like the old Turtle Hermit is set to use his risky technique once again.

The preview for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 107 teased Master Roshi attempting to use his Evil Containment Wave move again and his body might not take the toll. Goku, Krillin, and Tien Shinhan are seen in despair as they try to convince the old man from killing himself.