After two long weeks of waiting, the Official review of episode 108 has finally been released. It is true that usually the official reviews are released on Tuesdays, but unexpectedly, this information has been revealed earlier than usual. Now, finally, we’ve got in our hands the official synopsis of what’s going to happen on episode 108.

The most recent 42 edition of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine shows us a preliminary image of Frieza, who we will finally enjoy on screen after the big claims of the fandom.


We will also watch Gohan gaining relevance in the same episode, along with Frost and Brianne. All of them will be fighting simultaneously against different warriors from other Universes.

Next, we will share with you what the review of episode 108 has for us…

Episode 108 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Title: Frieza and Frost, the instigators of evil

Release date: September 23rd

Synopsis: Frieza is looking for his next prey.


In the meantime, Son Gohan endures a fierce battle againstYimizu, the Yadratian from universe 2. Unexpectedly, the emperor of evil shows on, and watches with pleasure as the Saiyan struggles. The members of Team 7 begin to suspect that Frieza may be planning to betray them. Will his true intentions reveal?

Gohan is cornered at the edge of the arena and in danger of being defeated, as the Yadratian attacks using the instant transmission.

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Dragon Ball

The betrayal of the emperors of evil

Frost from Universe 6 has assembled an alliance with Frieza from Universe 7. Now their actions put in danger the survival of Universe 7.

Warriors keep falling from the arena of the Tournament of Power, and with each member disqualified the battles grow more and more brutal. In the middle of these battles, Gohan fights against Yimisu from Universe 2. While the Saiyan struggles, Frieza watches with amusement.

Now the whole Universe 7 suspects for his betrayal.

Ribrianne against Goku

In the meantime, Ribrianne will face Son Goku. As the battle between them grows faster, the warrior from Universe 2 grows jealous since Jerez, the God of destruction from Universe 2, is highlighting the Saiyans skills. Now Ribrianne is enraged, fiercely attacking the Saiyan to eliminate him once and for all.

This is all the information that's available for the moment. Keep enjoying, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


Watch the video below for more information about this new chapter :

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