The official "Dragon Ball Super" 2018 calendar will be released in the middle of September 2017 with 7 completely new, exclusive images of "Dragon Ball Super." Among these illustrations is the cover of the calendar plus an additional 6 pages. From this information, it is easy to calculate that one image will be dedicated to two months of the year, as was the case for the series' 2017 edition of the calendar.

This year the calendar will cost 11.89 Dollars and will be available in mid-September in Japanese stores, and on various websites. This calendar will be printed on A2, which is equivalent to four A4 sheets.

For now, only the cover of the calendar has been released. However, we can already distinguish the other 6 illustrations shown at the bottom of the same image. In these illustrations, we can see interesting images that could reveal future events of this series.


Official images

The images lack good quality, but we can distinguish a strange aura of golden color around Gohan but still retains his ultimate form. This is something striking due to his aura being a silver color in his ultimate form, but not gold. This image could be revealing to us that Gohan could have a new power, similar to that obtained Trunks of the future in the fight against Goku Black.

In the next image, we see Goku and Jiren. In the background, we can see the gods of destruction Quitela, Vermouth, and Jerez.


This image could lead us to believe that these 3 gods of the destruction could have an integral part to play at the end of the saga. This is purely speculation, given that in this illustration we can also see Kale and the magic warrior of universe 2.

Official Artwork

In addition to these new images, this calendar will bring us different illustrations of the various sagas we have already watched. You can also see the months associated with each illustration.

  • January-February: Universe Universe 6 vs 7
  • March-April: Trunks vs. Goku Black Rose'
  • May-June: Vegetto Blue against Fused Zamazu
  • July-August: Goku and Dr. Slump
  • September-October: The Tournament of Power: The Team of the Universe 7
  • November-December: The Tournament of Power: Goku vs. Jiren.

Although the news seems to not be relevant, we recommend being attentive to these illustrations.


In the past, many things such as this have provided clues to a future event or have revelations that we did not notice.

Chapter 106 will be released on September 2 and will feature Picollo and Gohan, who will fight against an invisible opponent that will cause them many problems. Universe 7 will unify to defeat this tough adversary. You can see this chapter subtitled in pages like Crunchyroll.