Earlier last month, Dragon Ball Super” teased the two other Namekian warriors to represent team Universe 6 in the tournament of Power. The two warriors have been extremely silent since they were last introduced as Saoneru and Pirina but it looks like the anime is ready to put them in the spotlight. The latest episode has showcased Master Roshi’s stunning elimination from the tournament when he ousted himself out of the battle arena as advised by Vegeta. The Turtle Hermit was in a bad shape after releasing the Evil Containment Wave on Frost, which was redirected to Vegeta.

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Luckily, he was able to release the Prince of all Saiyans from it.

A glimpse of the new Namekian warriors

Over the weekend,Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 also featured the Grand Priest when he checked the Tournament of Power Leader Board.

The Zen-Oh was informed how many warriors that the six remaining universes had left and the Angel gave a confirmation that team Universe 6 still has eight surviving fighters. The montage showed us a quick look at the two Namekian warriors who are yet to show off their fighting skills in the battle arena. Although it wasn’t a clear shot, we were able to get a better look at their appearance [VIDEO].

The new warriors mirror Piccolo

“Dragon Ball Super” fans know how Piccolo looks like as he is of the Namekian race. In the manga version, he is the most powerful Namekian warrior to this date and is considered to be even stronger than the Super Namek Lord Slug. The latest episode showed Saoneru and Pirina, who both looked taller than Cabba and Kale, mirror Piccolo big time. Their muscular physique was of huge resemblance to the green warrior from Universe 7 and they can be seen sporting open vests and belt-tied slacks that are used for fighting.

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How powerful are they?

Saoneru and Pirina have yet to show off their fighting skills in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power but fans already have an idea how they would behave in the battle royal. Namekians are known for fusing and when they do, they can be a good threat to their opponents. We also noticed the two new Universe 6 warriors close to each other and if they have trained hard for fusion, then Piccolo has something to worry about. Fans of the entire series know the insurmountable powers that the Namekians have achieved and it’s not something to mess with.

“Dragon Ball Super” one-hour TV special is set to air on October 8, which will finally showcase Goku and Jiren’s highly-anticipated battle. Episodes 109 and 110 are expected to cover this most-awaited battle. Stay tuned!