New information for the upcoming episodes of the fan-favorite anime series “Dragon Ball Super” is now available online. In this article, fans will see the schedule of the series for the month of October 2017. In addition, Provisional titles for Episodes 111, 112, and 113 are now available. These titles can still be modified, as sometimes they add more phrases, but nevertheless, the essence remains. Aside from the much-awaited one-hour special where Goku will fight Jiren The Gray, fans would also like to know what will happen after the climactic battle.



Dragon Ball Super” will kick off this October with a new ending theme. The song is titled “By A 70cm Square Window” and performed by the popular Japanese group RottenGraffty. The new ending marks the tenth ending theme of the anime series since it was launched in 2015. In addition, fans are expecting that there will be a massive twist in the plot of the series after it reaches its pinnacle on October 8.

October schedule

The much-awaited one-hour special will start on October 8. It will air episode 109 titled “The Ultimate Enemy Approaches Goku! Now, Let Loose! The Killer Spirit Bomb!” This is the first part of the one-hour special.

The second part airing right after 109 is titled “This is the Ultimate Battle of All Universes! Son Goku vs Jiren!!” Fans are anticipating that in the second part of the special, they will witness the heavily speculated brand new form of Goku.

Even the Saiyan is excited to finally fight with the strongest fighter of Universe 11. Aside from the Saiyan’s brand new form, several spoilers reveal that fans will also see Goku use a new technique in this episode. However, it appears that Goku will not be able to defeat Jiren the Gray as hinted in the provisional title.


October 15 will air episode 111 titled “Hit vs. Jiren.” Many fans speculate that the title reveals that despite Goku’s brand new form and technique, he will not defeat Jiren. There are several claims that the Saiyan’s new form might have short his system out. Because of this, he can no longer continue to fight. Hit will intervene and stand in for him.

On October 22, Episode 112 is scheduled to air. It is titled “Vegeta’s Resolve.” According to some speculations, most likely because of Goku’s defeat, in this episode, the Prince of Saiyan will finally decide to perform the fusion dance with Goku to give birth to a new character -- Gogeta.

Meanwhile, on October 29, Episode 113 will close the month with an explosive title “Combat-Loving Saiyan Battle.” While there is no available synopsis for the episode yet, several fans claim that this could be the time Gogeta faces Jiren the Gray. More interesting things will happen in the popular anime series “Dragon Ball Super.” Episode 109 will start with only 29 minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power.