Dragon Ball Super” has delivered smooth episodes concerning the events of the Tournament of Power that gathers eight universes to battle against each other to defend their homes from the Omni-King. Last weekend we saw a heart-rending scene when Master Roshi almost died. This happened when he collapsed after he took down Ganos from Universe 4. Fortunately, using his God Ki, Goku saved the Turtle Hermit and successfully revived him. There have been a lot of theories about the anime’s next possible arc [VIDEO], but the latest one might also be possible.

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The next possible arc

In the manga version of Dragon Ball Super,” Vegeta had an altercation with Beerus during his training with Whis, where the God Of Destruction challenged the prince of all Saiyans to a match.

Beerus, of course, successfully defended his title as a God of Destruction, despite the Prince's Super Saiyan Blue transformation in full force. The Oracle Fish, before she slept for 39 years, told Beerus that his rivals will soon be Goku and Vegeta [VIDEO]. It’s also possible that both Universe 7 warriors will exceed his power. Will it happen?

The blue sapient fish

The Oracle Fish is known for her prophetic powers, which means that the next “Dragon Ball Super” arc might focus on Goku and Vegeta against Beerus. Since Super Saiyan Blue can’t beat the God of Destruction of Universe 7, Comic Book suggests that the prince of all Saiyans might also acquire Goku’s new transformation. It wouldn’t be impossible if he does especially that the blue sapient fish’s prophecy doesn’t only suggest Goku as Beerus’ rival but she also hinted that the Saiyan prince might also team up with Goku.

The brand new SS transformation is expected to debut anytime soon although there is no further information about it.

Goku’s brand new transformation

Recently, Goku’s new form that will soon debut in “Dragon Ball Super” has been released, giving fans a glimpse of the Saiyan warrior’s infamous brand new form. Although Goku is still sporting his spiked-hair, its color remains black and he now has a white-blue aura surrounding him. What piqued fans’ interest is that his eyes are now silver in color and fans suggest that they mirror Zamasu’s. However, there were no further details about the new form although there were already different speculations as to what it can do in the Tournament of Power.

What do you think about the “Dragon Ball Super” next possible arc theory? Is it possible that Vegeta and Goku will face off with the God of Destruction Beerus?