Dragon Ball Super” will finally put Goku and Jiren’s impending battle into action when the anime returns in October for its one-hour TV special. The untouchable member of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11 will soon break his silence after being tight-lipped since the Tournament of Power began. Toppo, the U11’s God of Destruction, previously revealed that even if he combines his power with the Saiyan fighter, they can never defeat the muscular humanoid warrior. Goku is set to debut his impending Super Saiyan transformation, but it seems that it will take a toll on him. He will also unleash the strongest attack in the entire “DB” franchise and more details about it have also been released.


Goku unleashes the Spirit Bomb

At the end of Dragon Ball Super Episode 108, a short preview of Goku and Jiren’s climactic battle was featured, showing the Pride Trooper flinging the Saiyan around mid-air. He then hurls the latter onto the ground, leaving an enormous crater, which is a sign of his immeasurable power. In the concluding part of the footage, the muscular humanoid warrior can be seen staring at Goku charging a massive Genki Dama, also known as the Spirit Bomb. However, we can’t see Jiren being put off by the attack, but he shows prepared to wrestle with it instead.

Genki Dama

On Twitter, some fans shared their own English translation of the synopsis of the upcoming back-to-back episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” providing more details of the infamous Spirit Bomb. Looking at the synopsis, we can sense that even when Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, Jiren is still untouchable. As a result, the Saiyan uses his ultimate Kaio-Ken x20, which is the maximum level of the attack but it looks like the Pride Trooper is not even horrified by it. When he notices that Jiren remains unscathed, Goku opted to charge a Genki Dama, hoping to beat his opponent this time.


The Spirit Bomb is dubbed as the strongest attack in the anime and Goku once used it on Frieza. The attack borrows energy from all the living creatures around him such as trees, grass, people and more.

“Dragon Ball Super” has proved its remarkable power before and the Saiyan warrior expects it to beat Jiren. Unfortunately, it seems that it won’t work on the formidable Pride Trooper. Apparently, this leads Goku to transform into his impending epic Super Saiyan form, which is yet to be named.

How will Goku transform?

However, the new form might be too overpowering for Goku and it might put him into a more vulnerable state. Comic Book suggests that the Kaio-Ken x20 could be the foundation of the brand new transformation.


Either way, “Dragon Ball Super” will soon answer our questions once it returns on October 8. Stay tuned!