The 1-hour special of "Dragon Ball Super" that will be broadcast on October 7th will show us the new transformation of Goku, his fight against Jiren, the Kaioken, and so on. Today, more details about this special were revealed, which we will reveal to you next.

Episode 109

The most powerful warrior of universe 11, Jiren, comes into action. His power surpasses all the other participants of the tournament, including Goku. This forces our hero to use the Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken increased 20 times, which does him no harm.


All of Goku's attacks are rejected, and he is finally eliminated. Suddenly, energy never before seen emanates from his body.

The final bout between Goku and Jiren begins. Goku will use a technique never seen before, so we must be attentive to his eyes, which will become a silver color as seen in the image below. This technique will be somewhat unusual, so we should pay attention.

Is Goku eliminated?

Although the translations are usually ambiguous, they mention that Goku will be eliminated from the tournament.

However, he then emphasizes that he will emanate an amazing energy from his body, thus achieving his new transformation. This information leaves us in doubt as to whether he will actually be eliminated from the tournament.

The new technique of Goku

Everything indicates that to reach this new state with which he can rival Jiren, Goku will use a new technique. What this means is the transformation will not take place through anger, or a tragic event as some thought. However, this is speculative, given there is no additional information to explain the reasons why Goku manages to reach this level.


What is currently known about this new transformation is that Goku could surpass a god of destruction, thus able to rival Jiren. This would indicate that the power possessed by the warrior of universe 11 is similar to that of a god, or perhaps greater. To begin with, Goku will not rival the power of Jiren, who will be able to easily compete against Goku while using the Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken.

That is all the information revealed about the special 1-hour episode that will be released on October 7.

We believe that there will be no more news about this episode since they have revealed a lot of valuable information. That being said, we believe that they will prefer to generate anticipation from now until the premiere of the chapter in question.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball."Watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.