Chapter 107 of "Dragon Ball Super" promises to be one of the most shocking since the start of the tournament of power. Frost, the universe 6 demon, will seek revenge against universe 7 for taking everything from him in the past. His first targets are Master Roshi and Vegeta, placing both participants in danger of being eliminated.

Like every week, different summaries of the brand new episode are revealed. Today, the Weekly Shonen Jump has revealed a new preview of what we will see in the episode that will be broadcast on September 17th.

Chapter 107

Universe 7 is the target of a furious attack by Frost. Tensions rise after the elimination of Krilin and Tenshinhan, and universe 7 warriors are in the sights of a dangerous warrior from universe 6.


Frost, goes after Master Roshi, then will set his sights on Vegeta.

Goku then realizes the danger his friends are in and goes to aid. However, Ribranne stands in the way of Goku, forcing him to have a fierce battle against the magical warrior of universe 2.

Frost's Revenge

The frost demon of universe 6 holds a tremendous grudge against Goku and his friends, since the tournament between the 6th and 7th universes. Frost lost his fortune and his reputation was ruined because his plans were exposed. Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans, was in charge of defeating and humiliating him, leaving him unconscious.

As a result of his humiliation at the hands of Vegeta, Frost will take great pleasure in getting revenge on Vegeta and his friends.


In addition, Frost will bargain with his Kaioshin that if he obtains victory, the gods will give him economic aid to reestablish his empire.

This last point very interesting, since the attitude of Kaioshin Fuwa of universe 6 leaves much to be desired. It is illogical that a being whose job is to create and protect their universe would give wealth and power to a malevolent creature like Frost. It is understandable that the Kaioshin would do this, considering that the survival of the universe is at stake.

Finally, it is believed that Master Roshi could die in this episode, since he will be using the Mafuba technique for the second time. It is quite possible that this will happen, since he is exhausted by his battles against universe 4, so it would be logical to succumb after using the Mafuba for the second time.


Of course, the latter is a theory, and it is not known whether Master Roshi will die. On the other hand, if Vegeta is eliminated next, we could confirm the theory of the end credits revealing the order of elimination in the tournament.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, we will publish it immediately.