"Dragon Ball Super" manga chapter 28 is now available, and this month surprised many with incredible revelations about the most mysterious characters in the newest arc. In addition, there is a battle between all the gods of destruction, who attack Beerus, along with other interesting revelations.


The manga starts by showing us the encounter between Goku and Zeno. The Saiyan goes to Zeno's palace to inquire about the start of the tournament of power. After this, Daishinkan communicates with the gods of the destruction of the 12 universes, which appear in the palace of Zeno.

We can see some extraordinary images of all the gods, which are even more epic than those seen in the anime.

After their arrival, the manga reveals the names of all these characters, in addition to a small description by manga artist and right hand of the series creator, Toyotaro.

Among the gods of destruction, we can see Toppo, who accompanies the clown-destruction god, as we saw in the anime. Daishinkan then reveals to the gods the proposal by Goku to organize a tournament. He then uses his magical abilities to create a platform for martial arts, in which the gods of the destruction must fight among themselves in order to demonstrate to Future Zeno what a martial arts tournament would be like.


It is here when all the gods begin to fight each other, attacking Beerus. However, the god of the destruction from universe 7 fights against all the gods at the same time without too many problems. This indicates to us that Beerus is the most powerful God of all, being able to rival all of his Hakaishin colleagues without any problems.


This manga left us several interesting curiosities. One of these being that Daishinkan, unlike the anime, uses a scepter like the other angels. Although not very relevant, it has been very curious to see the high priest use this object.


Another interesting curiosity was to see the clown God Of Destruction, Vermouth. Very unlike his character in the anime, in the manga, he is similar to the Joker of the DC Comics films. His attitude in the manga is unconcerned, being a bit sinister. He also destroys one of his followers with the "Hakai" technique, proving that he has little appreciation for the lives of the people around him.

Finally, we could see the battle between all the gods of destruction, and the biggest curiosity was to know that Beerus outperformed everyone else.

The god of destruction of the seventh universe rivaled the other gods without much effort. This is implying that the difference of powers between Beerus and the others is considerable.