Dragon Ball Super” just aired its 107th episode over the weekend, which showcased a stunning and impressive battle by Master Roshi against Frost. Universe 7 has been in the number one spot in the Tournament of Power Leader Board but the latest episode put the team into a different kind of trouble. Unfortunately, another U7 team member was eliminated but it wasn’t in the way that we all expected. The Turtle Hermit ousted himself out as advised by Vegeta. This was to save his life from imminent danger after a strenuous battle [VIDEO].

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Apparently, it wasn’t the prince of all Saiyans who got eliminated, contrary to the previous theory that it could be him to who would be disqualified.

Master Roshi bids goodbye from the battle royal

Frost took on Master Roshi during Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 after he was ordered by Kaioshin Fuwa to take down one Universe 7 warrior in exchange of wiping out his debts and financial aid to start his own business.

The Universe 6 warrior had a hard time fighting against the Turtle Hermit. he had thought that he could easily take down the old master. Goku’s mentor unleashed his Mafuba or the Evil Containment Wave, which was first redirected at Vegeta but he was able to free the prince of all Saiyans.

Upon release, Vegeta noticed that the Turtle Hermit was in a bad shape after releasing the Mafuba. This because he helped him to get out of being contained in the terrifying attack during “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 107. As a result, the prince of all Saiyans instructed Master Roshi to take himself out of the battle arena if he still wanted to live. Although he was reluctant, the older fighter followed what Vegeta said and immediately took himself out the arena. When he was back in the stands, still looking worn out, Krillin quickly gave him a Senzu bean [VIDEO], which helped to keep him alive.

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The Tournament of Power

“Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power is the highlight of the anime’s current Universal Survival Arc. The battle royal pits all 80 warriors from eight different universes against each other to defend their homes from annihilation. There were already two universes wiped out by the Omni-King (Universes 9 and 10). There will be only one team to survive and all the remaining six universes will soon have to kiss their lives goodbye.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110 will be part of the anime’s one-hour TV special which will be aired on October 8. It will finally showcase the highly-anticipated battle between Goku and Jiren The Grey. Who will survive?