Everyone seems to be talking about Jiren The Gray on "Dragon Ball Super," the strongest member of Team Universe 11 according to the leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo. We have seen a glimpse of Jiren's power but let us get to know more about him.

Jiren's look is similar to aliens known as the Greys. This tall, muscular humanoid had gray skin and had big, round, black eyes. Since he is one of the Pride Trooper, he also has the same sense of Justice with Toppo, Dyspo, Vuon, Kunshi, Tupper, and the rest of the Universe 11 fighters have.

He is serious about winning the tournament since they do not want to be erased. Jiren is stoic and quiet. He remains silent and only utters a few words. It is obvious that he is brave and is not afraid of anyone's power.


Jiren's formidable power

Jiren's strategy in fighting is impressive. Instead of attacking his opponent, he waits for them to attack him first. He uses fireballs, ki blasts of life energy, and he can also predict the next movement of his opponent. Jiren is also very quick, and it is obvious that he studies his opponents first before he attacks.

To recall, Toppo told Goku that he is no match to Jiren even after seeing Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken. This means that Jiren is indeed very powerful which could be a huge threat to Son Goku and the rest of the Universe 7 warriors.

During the first meeting of Goku and Jiren, Goku was in awe with Jiren's presence. When Goku approached Jiren, he immediately got behind Goku.


The Saiyan did not notice that even if he was keeping an eye on him. On the other hand, Hit, the strongest warrior of Universe 6, also finds the presence of Jiren disturbing especially after witnessing his power when he stopped Kale's Out of Control Saiyan state.

His fighting techniques

Jiren has the ability to fly through the manipulation of ki. Aside from his ki blast attacks, he also uses the Shockwave punch technique wherein his punches could deliver powerful shockwaves that could travel a distance. He also can fire ki blast in fireballs which starts small but would massively expand upon impact.

But his greatest edge from the rest of the fighters is his Advance Movement Analysis. With this, he can predict the next move of his opponent properly.


This can be seen when he predicted where the Katchi Katchin would fly simply by looking into its movement patterns. Since he knows where it will go, he did not need to move. Stay tuned for more updates.