The hype for Goku and Jiren's fight is still gaining its momentum despite Jiren's seldom appearance in "Dragon Ball Super" episodes. Jiren successfully took down the rampaging Kale in one Ki blast. He was seen targeting Ribrianne, but Vegeta got her first. He was also seen in Goku's flashback in the last episode. Jiren's presence in the tournament of power is as significant as Goku's.

But in all honesty, he hasn't done anything yet. He hasn't eliminated anyone and the most frustrating thing about Jiren in the Tournament of Power is that we are almost clueless about his abilities. But that might change in the next episode.


Jiren vs. Maji=Kayo

Jiren was seen being attacked by Maji=Kayo from Universe 3 in the last episode's preview. He was the same guy who was fighting Goku while Master Roshi was being beaten by Ganos. He is going to be the second person who dares to challenge Jiren, the first one being Goku.

Maji=Kayo is a blue humanoid with a jelly-like body and purple eyes. It seems that his jelly-like body is elastic and tough at the same time. He can also shapeshift and can amplify or shrink himself. He is also the only non-robotic member of the Universe 3.

In this fight, it is either Maji=Kayo is too naive to fight Jiren, or he actually has the power to defeat someone powerful. Though I foresee this as a great way to eliminate Dypso. There might be a lot of elimination in the next episode, as there will be no episode next week.

Jiren's source of power

Not much is known about Jiren's real power. The only certain thing about him is that his single Ki Blast is powerful enough to take out Berserker Kale. His speed is faster than Dypso's speed as was seen when Goku was intimidated by him the first time they have met.


Jiren is believed to be from the mortal species called "The Greys" thus giving him the name "Jiren The Grey". According to Otakukart, the alien species "The Greys" must be using a different kind of Ki which is why his simple Ki Blast is so powerful.

How could this be feasible? Goku was unable to sense Jiren closing up on him in their first episode of the Tournament of Power. Furthermore, when Kale was hit by Jiren's single Ki blast, she was knocked out instantly. Why is this important?

It is possible that Jiren's Ki is different and that's why Vegeta and Goku reacted to it differently.

This might also be the reason why Goku never sensed Jiren closing up on him. This might also be the reason why Kale was knocked out instantly. Even if her body is overflowing with the "Ki" that we know, her body doesn't have that natural Ki guard against Jiren's own Ki.