The combat between Son Goku and Jiren has very close from the beginning and the battle is currently in favor of the Jiren. Jiren has already displayed some astonishing power, and with it, he easily defeated Kale and Maji-Kayo of universe 2. Now he must face Goku of universe 7 and he will prove to be a fierce warrior.

Goku vs Jiren

The fight promises to be uneven in the early stages, as Jiren far exceeds Goku's current power. Goku will be forced to use his maximum power to face the warrior of universe 11, but nothing will serve.


Even the power of the Kaioken increased 20 times will fail against the astonishing power of Jiren the gray.

Faced with the despair of not being able to do anything against this magnificent warrior, Goku will use his last resort technique, the Genkidama. Goku learned to use Genkidama thanks to the North Kai. After traveling the snake way and going through several tests, the northern kai taught his most powerful technique to the Saiyan.

Jiren's counter-attack

Thanks to the preview of chapter 109, we know that Goku will invoke the Genkidama with Super Saiyan blue and the X20 Kaioken.

However, this will be of no use, and Jiren will resist the attack. In addition to this, it is believed that Jiren will deflect the attack back at Goku, which will leave him on the verge of elimination.

Jiren will become the first character in the "Dragon Ball" story to deflect a Genkidama. The only one who could achieve such a feat was Majin Buu, but before being able to counteract Goku with his own technique, Goku, thanks to the Namekian Dragon Balls, regained his energy and defeated him.

Jiren would not only control the attack but would return it with more power.


This is the reason why the damage that Goku will receive will be great. After this, according to the official summary of chapter 109, Goku will be on the verge of elimination, and a power never seen before will emanate from his body, surprising Jiren with this miraculous power.

Finally, although it is surprising that Jiren could control and return the attack to Goku, I must clarify that this Genkidama will not be as powerful as the one Goku invoked in the fight against Majin Buu. This energy ball will be much smaller, and I estimate it will have the concentrated power of Goku, but not his friends.

If he used the energy of his team, it would be counterproductive, leaving the rest of the participants very exhausted and easy targets for elimination.

If universe 7 team does share their energy with Goku, I do not believe that Frieza would help Son Goku. After all, Goku is his worst enemy, and it would be illogical for the greatest villain in the series' history to help save the universe.

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