The highly anticipated one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” will showcase the epic fight between Universe7’s Goku and Universe11’s Jiren The Gray. The battle will mark as the pinnacle of the Tournament of Power and will air on October 8, 2017. So far, there are many speculations and theories making rounds on the Internet. While most of these theories are glorifying Jiren’s strength and speculating on how Goku will be defeated, there is a new theory that is different from others and a bit darker.


Universe11’s confidence

Most theories about the upcoming climactic battle in “Dragon Ball Super” are talking about how Goku will be defeated by Jiren The Gray’s unbelievable power. Backed by several spoilers, most theories believe that despite getting a new form and showcasing a new technique, Goku will be destroyed by the mysterious fighter from Universe11. However, one writer has a different view about Jiren the Gray and Universe11.

According to anime blogger/writer Thomas Macdonald, he noticed that Belmod, the God of Destruction of Universe11 appears to be very confident with his fighters in the tournament despite that only two of them are left.

Interestingly, the writer also noticed that there is something unusual about Jiren being so powerful. He speculates that maybe, there is something the god of destruction of that universe knows that others do not.

Unbelievable strength

With the barrage of spoilers about the climactic battle, it appears that Jiren is now being projected as the most powerful mortal in the tournament. While there are theories claiming that the fighter could be very old, or he descended from a particular Mortal race that increases its strength and power through time, some things just do not make sense.


Hit is also a thousand years old but his raw strength and power do not even come close to the fighter of Universe11. It seems like the fighter is being projected as a god of destruction.

Belmod’s indirect involvement

During the testing of the arena for the Tournament of Power, gods of destruction from participating universes were invited. The gods will fight in a sparring match without any consequence. However, Belmod did not join in the testing. According to this theory, it is possible that Belmod’s Ki could have been drained already.

In the last scenes in the trailer for episode 109, it is shown that the god of destruction is somewhat whispering something, or communicating to Jiren in a telepathic or mystical way. It could also be the god of destruction transferring his Ki to the fighter. If it is the latter, the question on why the fighter is unbelievably strong is already answered. In addition, it is possible that Belmod did not join other gods in the sparring because he has already transferred his Ki to Jiren.

The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” is still a few days from now.


It seems that more theories will surface as the scheduled airing of the episodes draws near.