Dragon Ball Super” Universal Survival Arc highlights the Tournament of Power that pits all 80 warriors from eight different participating universes, fighting against each other for survival. Losing universes are annihilated (Universes 9 and 10 have bid goodbye) and there will be only one universe to survive. The fan-favorite team Universe 7 now has eight remaining warriors after Krillin and Tenshinhan’s annoying eliminations from the battle royal. Goku will soon unleash a brand new Super Saiyan form, which will debut when he fights against Jiren The Grey, the strongest Universe 11 warrior.

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However, the new transformation might not come easy as the Saiyan fighter will possibly cheat in the battle royal [VIDEO].

How will Goku fight Jiren?

It has been teased inDragon Ball Super that Goku is going to mix his Super Saiyan Blue with KaioKen x 20 in an attempt to defeat Jiren The Grey.

Unfortunately, it won’t just work given the Pride Trooper’s extreme power as what Toppo revealed before. That said, the Saiyan fighter will resort to a more dangerous way to take down his powerful opponent by using the strongest attack known as the Spirit Bomb. That’s of course in addition to Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation, which is said to be stronger and more powerful than Beerus [VIDEO].

Why is the Spirit Bomb dangerous?

The Spirit Bomb or Genki Dama allows the user to borrow energy from the living creatures around him such as grass, trees, people, animals, inanimate objects as well as the atmosphere. As what King Kai said before, a user who can tap into the incredible and massive powers of the Sun using the attack can destroy the Earth. Goku is set to use this energy attack in “Dragon Ball Super” during his highly-anticipated battle against Jiren.

We know that the Saiyan fighter can tap into different powers and the fact that he will use the Spirit Bomb, it’s not impossible that he might endanger the planet.

Is it considered cheating?

Some “Dragon Ball Super” experts suggest that using Genki Dama could breach the tournament rules as set in place by the Zen-Oh. However, Master Roshi is also expected to use his Evil Containment Wave on Magetta, but that might be allowed again by the Omni-King. Knowing how unpredictable the King of Universes is, the rules in the battle royal might soon be modified especially that Goku is in need of another way to defeat Jiren. After all, Goku is a fan-favorite despite being hot-headed and annoying at times. Everyone apparently wants him to win – we all do.

Goku and Jiren The Grey’s battle will be showcased during the “Dragon Ball Super” one-hour TV special. His brand new Super Saiyan transformation is scheduled to debut on October 8 during this long-awaited battle. Stay tuned!