Dragon Ball Super” has previously teased that there will be more warriors that will be introduced in the tournament of Power. There have been no further details about them until recently when one of Universe 4 warriors has finally been revealed. However, this warrior is not someone that people can see that easy. Unfortunately, for its opponents, this U4 fighter is invisible and its name is Damom, a cicada insect warrior that has been hiding from plain sight long before the tournament started. Recently, a preview photo of the warrior has been released and was shown in action just in front of Ribrianne, a magical girl that specializes in different transformations.


‘DBS’ introduces Damom

Damom is an alien-like character that fights for team Universe 4 in the tournament. The insect warrior is part in Dragon Ball Super” 2018 Artwork Calendar and while there is no detail of its gender, some fans have referred the warrior as a male. The U4 warrior has a twin named Gamisaras, who shares the same ability with him – turning themselves invisible and undetectable by their opponents. Damom is a short, plump dark green insect with red eyes and tiny orange antennae. A blue section can be seen on his chest, a tiny triangular tail and hands without fingers that look like boxing gloves.

Damom’s power and special abilities

There were no further details about the warrior’s personality but basing his ability to stay invisible, it’s clear that Damom is strategic and an intelligent warrior. His twin, Gamisaras is a purple insect warrior with the same skills. When team Universe 4 arrived at the World of Void to gather with the other teams in preparation for the “Dragon Ball Super” tournament, the team can be seen with only eight warriors.


Universe 7 even thought that they need two more warriors to join the battle royale. However, Tenshinhan pointed out that he can sense a faint presence in team U4.

Damom also has dodging technique, where he suddenly disappears and shows up in the sky or on the battleground. He also possesses a self-destruction skill by doing a counter-attack once his opponent tries to launch an assault. Lastly, just like a cicada, the U4 warrior can cast his skin off. One question though, will it work on Jiren The Grey? The strongest warrior of Universe 11 is set to fight Goku once “Dragon Ball Super” returns in October and we might also see (hopefully) Damom in action.

One-hour special

“Dragon Ball Super” will have a one-hour TV special to cover a back-to-back episode featuring Goku and Jiren The Grey’s climactic battle. The anime is currently on week-long break and returns on October 8. Stay tuned!