On Saturday, new summaries were of the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" were revealed. These new episodes promise to continue showing us the intense battle in the tournament of power that takes place in the world of void and will eventually decide the fate of the universe.

As is customary, these titles are provisional. One of the episodes will showcase the epic battle that fans of the series have been longing to see.

Episode 111: The Battle Between Jiren and Hit

The first episode of the list is Chapter 111, which reveals the long-awaited battle between the hitman of universe 6, Hit, and the most powerful warrior of the universe 11, Jiren.

This fight will be epic and there has been much speculation about its development on who will emerge as the victor.


Clearly, the balance is inclined in favor of universe 11's most powerful warrior. Jiren proves to possess many incredible abilities with which he could defeat the leader of universe 6.

Episode 112: Vegeta's Determination

Chapter 112 will focus on the prince of the Saiyans, and his potential fight against Hit. Previously, it was revealed that Vegeta would have a rematch after the humiliating defeat in the first tournament. Therefore, this title seems to be a prelude of this epic rematch. If so, Hit will not be eliminated by Jiren.

Episode 113: The Passion of the Saiyans

The last title does not leave much to the imagination, as it does not reveal anything interesting, and emphasizes solely on the warriors of the Saiyan race. Perhaps, this episode is a continuation of episode 112, in which Vegeta will be the protagonist. This, however, is speculative.


Epic battle

The titles revealed for the next episodes are very interesting. These chapters will bring us the amazing battles that we all long to see. One of these battles is that of Jiren vs Hit, in addition to the latter's rematch against Vegeta.

One thing we can assure you is that Hit, the captain of universe 6, will have a great deal of involvement in these chapters, He could potentially have two fights in a row with the most powerful warriors in the tournament.

There is no mention of Goku in these titles. This has led many to think that Goku will be eliminated from the tournament by Jiren. Personally, we believe that this will not happen, as it seems illogical to eliminate the main character.


This video will show the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super." Will Goku be eliminated? Only time will tell.