Goku and Vegeta got the most Super Saiyan transformation in the anime and manga. They can use any forms in all kinds of situations. There is even a saying that if Goku gets a new Form, Vegeta will get a new form eventually (except for Super Saiyan 3?). But even though the duo gets something in almost every major battle, they are not given Gohan's unique transformation: the Ultimate Form. Though some would argue that Super Saiyan Blue and the upcoming Limit Breaker [VIDEO] form would be more powerful than Gohan's Ultimate form, there are reasons why Goku and Vegeta might want to consider getting the Ultimate.

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How do you get the Ultimate Form?

There is no special requirement to achieve this form except to undergo the Old Kai's ritual. That ritual could be a pain in the neck, with you having to sit for 25 hours while the Old Kai is chanting his ritual.

When the Old Kai was done, he would sit in front of the boost receiver and unlock the receiver's dormant power. Gohan's dormant power was so immense that he does not need to transform into a Super Saiyan anymore to tap his power.

And on top of that, Gohan's Ultimate form is not as stamina hungry as the Super Saiyan transformations. This is because he was fighting using his base form. Because of his exceptionally high dormant potential, Gohan did power up that much after awakening his potential.

Ultimate Form for Goku and Vegeta?

The strain in stamina and other drawbacks of Goku and Vegeta's God forms are the reason that they don't use these forms that often in the Tournament of Power. If they did, they would only transform into Blue for strong enemies. Goku was about to get the ritual before the Tournament of Power, but because there is no time left, Shin disregarded the idea.

I personally think that Goku and Vegeta will not benefit that much from the Ultimate form. I think that most of their dormant potential was awakened after they were introduced to God Ki. All of their potential might have been unlocked after all these years of training and breaking their limits.

If there's something interesting that they will gain, it would be the lesser stamina drain from the Ultimate form. Since your natural power was unlocked already, you can get the equivalent power of a Saiyan transformation without transforming. You fight at your base form in your full power. Though if they needed a quick and massive power boost, they can still transform to their other Super Saiyan transformations.