More details about upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” have been recently leaked. A preview from a Japanese publication surfaced online revealing more information about the upcoming events in the fan-favorite anime series. This includes the much-awaited new form of Goku that is teased to be showcased in episode 109 and 110.

In addition, the leaked details reveal the Provisional titles for Episodes 111, 112, and 113. These titles could be modified in the future but based on the previous releases; the team behind the popular anime series would just add more details to these provisional titles. Interestingly, the title for episode 112 sparked more speculations from fans of a potential appearance of the much-awaited fusion—Gogeta.


Latest leak

The most recent scan of the Japanese magazine V-Jump discloses more information about the events that will happen in “Dragon Ball Super.” Through the latest scan, fans are able to know the titles of the next episodes that will air for the month of October. Interestingly, the provisional title of episode 112 is now at the center of speculation among fans.

Provisional titles and schedules

Episode 111 is titled “Hit vs. Jiren” and is slated to air on October 15. On the other hand, Episode 112 is titled “Vegeta’s Resolve” and is scheduled to air on October 22.

Episode 113 is set to air on October 29 and is titled “Combat Loving Saiyan Battle.”


The theory about Gogeta appearing in the Tournament of Power is one of the favorite topics in the community. Now that the provisional episodes are out, fans that are rooting for this theory are making noise again. In the title for episode 111, fans will see a Hit against Jiren battle. Several fans take this as a spoiler for the upcoming fight between Jiren and Goku. It appears that the Super Saiyan even with his Kaioken maximized and most likely, with his new form will not be able to beat Jiren the Gray.


This only means that the fighter from Universe11 is extra powerful.

Episode 112 according to some fans could be referring to Vegeta’s decision to do the fusion dance with Goku to give birth to Gogeta. Hit will hold Jiren by fighting him while Goku recovers and prepares himself for the fusion. In the Manga, it was revealed that Vegito is able to surpass Beerus being the most powerful god of destruction. While Gogeta is not as powerful as Vegito, it is almost close to the fusion in terms of power.

The theory could connect to the title of episode 113 which is about the “Combat Loving Saiyan Battle.” So far these are all speculations from the fandom, and the plot could still change as “Dragon Ball Super” continues. However, the Gogeta fusion could potentially defeat Jiren. If Goku will not be able to defeat Jiren, who can, and who will?