A new fighter was recently revealed and is expected to be in one of the future episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” While the hype for the epic fight between Son Goku and Jiren is building up, it appears that there are more interesting things to look forward to after the climactic battle. The new fighter is from Universe4 and is one of the two fighters that were already in the tournament but were not seen by other participants. Is this the much-talked-about powerful fighter who has beaten the god of destruction Quitela before?

New fighter unveiled

A new fighter will be entering the scene in the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super.” Unlike all the other participating warriors in the tournament, this recently revealed one is something that the fandom has never seen before.


On Twitter, anime fan, translator, and source of spoilers, Ken Xyro shared a new image. It shows Ribrianne with a green Cicada-looking creature below. Ken Xyro reveals that it is the invisible fighter from Universe4.

In one of the previous episode of the fan-favorite anime series, Grand Priest Daishinkan announced the updates of each participating universe and their respective fighters in the tournament.

When the Grand priest announced the fighter count for Universe4, Beerus appeared anxious and disturbed. It was later revealed that there are a couple of fighters in Universe4 that they have not seen in the Tournament of Power but were already there.

Beerus’ reaction triggered speculations from fans and gave birth to the theory that one of the invisible fighters was the one who defeated Quitela. The general assumption is that this fighter could potentially be the most powerful warrior in the arena since it has defeated a god of destruction.


But who is this new insect-looking fighter?

Invisible Universe4 fighters

The new fighter is called Damom and was previously revealed in the 2018 Calendar of the anime series. One of the known abilities of this insect-warrior is turning himself invisible and absolutely undetectable by the majority of the fighters. It appears that along with Damom is his twin Gamisaras, which will soon be revealed. This other fighter is believed to be a purple version of Damom.

If the theory claiming that the most powerful fighter in the tournament is in Universe4, then we might see Damom or its twin Gamisaras in one of the episodes fighting fan-favorite characters like Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Android17 or Android.

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