Vegeta has a lot of different attacks he uses in the whole Dragon Ball franchise. Unlike Goku, who adapts the moves and techniques that he learned from his masters, Vegeta tends to make his own move set. Because of this, only him and Trunks can use the attacks from his move set. This can be attributed by Vegeta's take on Saiyan Pride. He will never "steal" someone's technique because he believes that he can make his own attacks.

The 106th episode of ''Dragon Ball Super'' will be featuring one of Vegeta's signature techniques: the Galick Gun. And to commemorate this happening, I am listing all the attacks that Vegeta created and uses in the whole ''Dragon Ball'' franchise.

Galick Gun

This is perhaps the most popular Vegeta attack.


Only three persons are able to use this: Vegeta, Trunks, and Cabba. Vegeta will curl his fingers on chest level while purple energy is gathered in his whole body. He will then push his hands forward in the direction of his target. He will then blast a purple energy wave while the same energy wave envelopes his body.

Galick Gun is also translated by some dubs as "Garlic Gun" or "Garlic Cannon". This is Vegeta's version of Kamehameha wave (because that's pretty mainstream). He can also fire two Galick Guns with both his own hands, as seen when he has used it against Zoro and Zebra in the Super Collaboration Special.

This attack also has other variations like the super charged Final Burst Cannon. This was used as Vegeta's last attempt to destroy Frieza, but it ended up in vain.

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Lucora Gun

When Vegeta gets really, really angry, he tends to use this attack. And since Vegeta seems to be very angry all the time, he uses this attack almost in every fight. This attack is characterized by throwing a lot of small energy blasts in one direction in a short amount of time. Cabba can also use this attack like the Galick Gun. It was once referred to as "Vegeta's technique" because of how frequent he uses this attack.

Big Bang Attack

Back when Vegeta's one-liners were so metal (aka. the time when he became a Super Saiyan on DBZ), he first used this attack during the arrival of the androids. He charges one arm, and it creates a massive explosion afterward.

Final Flash

Final Flash is Vegeta's version of super-charged Kamehameha wave.


This was invented during his stay in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta gathers up Ki with both hands and releases it in a single point. This attack is commonly being used as Vegeta's ultimate attack.