Goku's Limit Breaker form is in a lot of headlines right now (including this). Every "Dragon Ball Super" fans are looking forward to seeing how powerful the new form would be. It is expected to be destructive and powerful enough to beat Jiren. Theories about this form's origin include Goku absorbing a Genki-dama or a Spirit Bomb. Some theories also suggest that someone from Universe 7 will die and this death will make Goku very angry. Other theories emphasize that Goku will be very desperate and because of his desperation, the Limit Breaker transformation appears. Although this form will inevitably appear in the anime, a "Dragon Ball Super" writer debunked a rumor surrounding this form.

The nature of Goku's new form

Goku's new form is expected to be very violent.


And because of this, his transformation is also expected to be as violent as his first Super Saiyan transformation. I this form, rumors state that Goku's Saiyan genes will be reawakened. And because of this, Goku will be uncontrollable and violent, much like Kale in her Berserker form. Goku will not be able to control himself out of his rage, but he will be so incredibly powerful that even the Gods of Destruction can't compete.

The Saiyan race is a race who loves fighting. But they have uncontrollable tendencies and can power-up through rage. Through their potential is limitless, it got wasted after their long exile on Frieza's control.

Goku's new form nature - Debunked

Though it is a widely accepted fan-theory, "Dragon Ball Super" writer and voice actor Toshio Yoshita debunked the theory right away.


The writer answered Twitter user Jackson Bertoncino's query about the widespread "leak." Toshio answered "It's fake. The truth never leaks."

So there it is. Goku will not have violent tendencies and will be calm throughout the duration of his new transformation. And it is worthy to note that Goku's tail disappeared years ago. There is no big chance that Goku will succumb to his Saiyan heritage in anytime soon.

And besides...

Violent Goku is kind of not logical. Goku has a pure heart, that's why he can use the Spirit Bomb. And even though Goku is engulfed with pure rage (e.g. Krillin's death), he can fight calmly and logical.


He got Super Saiyan Blue, which is a form which grants the user both power and tranquility. It would be really illogical if the upgrade of this form will be back into the most barbaric Saiyan instinct, which is an uncontrollable rage.