The most anticipated climactic battle in the Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super" is happening seven days from now. There is so much hype right now in the fandom for the fight that will showcase two of the most powerful warriors in the multiverse, Goku, and Jiren The Gray. However, it appears that the fan-favorite Saiyan will not win against Jiren. This is backed by the latest spoilers and summaries leaked recently.

Latest spoilers

A new set of provisional titles of the three upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" is now available online. The titles are initial hints that offer an advance peek at the events that will take place following the climactic battle between Goku and Jiren. The ever-reliable Todd Blankenship provides the translation for the provisional titles and synopsis. These are from the scans on the most recent issue of V-jump magazine.


Episode 111

According to the translated provisional titles, Episode 111 is titled “Hit and Jiren.” This sparked numerous speculations from the community. Fans are expecting that the Saiyan will get a new form in the one-hour special. It was even leaked previously that the Saiyan will raise his Kaioken to the maximum. The spoiler reveals that all of Goku's attacks will be deflected. With Jiren scheduled to fight Hit in the episode following the one-hour special, fans are now speculating that Goku will be defeated. But what could happen in the climactic battle?

New theory

As early as now, there is a tenacious theory explaining the possible reason for the Saiyan's loss. According to this theory, instead of getting knocked out by Jiren the Gray in their battle, Goku's new form will short out his system. With this turn of events, Hit will step into the fight to save Goku from getting eliminated and will stand to fight Jiren.



The theory is very possible. It is worth noting that in the previous episode Goku helped the Assassin of Universe 6 when he was about to be defeated by Dyspo and Kunshi. Dyspo has learned how to counter Hit's Time-Skip giving the fighter a hard time. When Kunshi stepped in the fight, the Saiyan could not allow his opponent to get defeated by dirty tactics.

Although Hit did not thank the Saiyan and rather deemed the assistance unnecessary, it is evident that without the Saiyan's intervention he could have been defeated early on. It is possible that episode 111 if Hit's time to payback Goku.

For now, these are all speculations, and we will only know what will happen as "Dragon Ball Super" continues.


Episode 111 is scheduled to air on October 25.