Last month, Dragon Ball Super” producers have teased Goku’s impending brand new Super Saiyan transformation. If you’ve been following the hit anime series, then you know that it might debut when he finally fights against Universe 11’s strongest fighter, Jiren the Grey. There have been plenty of theories regarding the Saiyan fighter’s new form, and we’ve seen how it looks like on him. Although he still has his spiked-hair, its color remains black, and his eyes already had fans buzzing.

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A recent theory suggests that his new transformation won’t involve with Ki [VIDEO], but it would be more about Spirit Bombs.

The Spirit Bomb absorbs into Goku’s new form

Over on Twitter, aDragon Ball Super fan named @Terez27 is wondering if Goku’s power up would be through soaking up a Spirit Bomb.

The Energy Blast has been introduced before although it wasn’t regarded as canon. Episode 109’s new synopsis also teased that Goku is going to use this energy attack [VIDEO], which would be unusual. Fans were quick to speculate that this energy might be the foundation of Goku’s upcoming new transformation.

Spirit Bomb interrelates to Goku’s aura

Goku’s brand new form in “Dragon Ball Super” looks stunning although he looks worn out, where a white-blue aura surrounds his body. Some fans suggest that his silver eyes mirror Zamasu’s and it’s possible that he might be powering up into a Kai. However, he may need to house the Spirit Bomb in order to go beyond his limits. Additionally, the shining white-blue aura can also mean that he’s using this energy blast while in his brand new Super Saiyan transformation.

Fans can recall that Goku first used this attack during “DBZ: Super Android 13” when he transformed into Super Saiyan while making a Spirit bomb at the same time.

How powerful is it?

When Goku absorbed the Spirit Bomb, his power up was so intense it detached him of consciousness. It can be recalled when Future Trunks also used this energy blast to create the Sword of Light in “Dragon Ball Super” during his battle with Fusion Zamasu. It was powerful enough that he was able to take down his opponent. Thus, it’s possible for Goku to use the energy blast while in his new Super Saiyan transformation given that he will be fighting against Universe 11’s strongest Pride Trooper, Jiren the Grey.

However, we still are not sure if Goku will absorb a Spirit Bomb while in his brand new form in “Dragon Ball Super.” It is said that the new transformation would be a unique one. The producers even said that the name is beyond everyone’s imagination.