The upcoming one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” will mark the peak of the Tournament of Power. One of the highlights of the two-part event is the new form of Goku. For several months, fans have been speculating about this new form. It was first teased by the anime series through an image showing the back part of the Saiyan to celebrate the start of the Tournament of Power. Several weeks later, the front part of the image was revealed.

When the spoilers confirmed that the one-hour special will showcase this heavily speculated form, the fandom was ecstatic and more talks and discussions ensued.

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A new theory now surfaced online claiming that this new form has a dark origin.

Dark origin

According to this new theory, [VIDEO]the image depicting Goku’s new form in “Dragon Ball Super” shows marks and bruises from a tough fight.

The claim states, that unlike the Super Saiyan Blue and SS God forms, this will be triggered by either rage or anger. The theory goes on to say that Goku’s look appears to be too dense, which could be hinting that the Saiyan has gone through a depressing situation. Moreover, this theory believes that the new form could be an emergence of a cruel and brutal Saiyan gene that has long been suppressed within Goku.

Other hints

In the recent spoilers released for the popular anime series, it seems that the writer would like the audience to give Goku’s eyes special attention. Aside from describing that his eyes changed its color to silver, the spoilers suggest the audience takes note of the Saiyan’s eyes.

Other fans are speculating that it is possible that the strongest fighter of Universe 7 might cry in the Tournament of Power.

But what would make Goku cry?

In the entire franchise, there are only a few times [VIDEO] that the Saiyan was seen crying. One is when he was a baby as shown in the Bardock Special and Broly Special. Another was when he saw Grandpa Gohan at Baba’s place. One heart-breaking scene where the Saiyan cried was when he saw Krillin, his best friend’s dead body, right after he killed King Piccolo.

There are several speculations about this claim about Goku crying prior to achieving his new form. Some claim that Gohan will be killed in the fight, while some others believe that it might be Vegeta sacrificing his life for the Saiyan that will trigger Goku to cry.

There are lots of things to look forward to in the upcoming one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super,” which is scheduled to air on October 8th, 2017.