Yesterday, episode summaries were revealed for the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." These come from sources that usually translate this information with a fairly low percentage of error. However, there are details in the recent release that we found surprising, so we decided to analyze this further.

Can Goku use the Genkidama?

According to the rules of the Tournament of Power [VIDEO], Son Goku can use this great technique, however, there is one problem we see with this.

Where would he obtain the energy necessary to use this attack? Goku could get energy from his teammates, but this would render them weak, and for that reason it would be ineffective.


That is why we found the synopsis of Chapter 109 hard to believe.

There is another possibility for the Genkidama [VIDEO] to be effective in this tournament. If you recall in the Goku Black arc, Future Trunks made a Genkiespada, or spirit sword, defeating Merged Zamasu. For this reason, it would not be so far-fetched to think that Goku could use this energy to increase his physical power, instead of throwing a ball of power.

The power of the warrior from Yadrat

Very few remember that this fighter was easily defeated by Caulifla in her base form, for that reason, it is speculated that he is a fighter of low level. It is also presumed that she would have caught Jimizu unprepared and unable to use all of his power. The writers could also have Son Goku face off against the warrior from Yardrat, given that he also knows the instant transmission technique.


The incredible power of Ribrianne

It is mentioned that this fighter will show all of her power in order to be accepted as a goddess in her Universe, which does not mean she has the power of a God. She did, however, display a strong fighting power and effective combat techniques in her confrontation with Android 17.

Although the information seems really surprising, today these summaries have been confirmed, meaning the summaries of episodes 107, 108 and 109 are true. In addition, it is completely unknown who will use the Genkidama, since there is nothing mentioning Goku or any other character. Previously, we mentioned that it would seem illogical that another participant can use it, although we can not rule out the possibility of another warrior possessing a similar technique. This would catch Goku by surprise and put him on alert since he knows better than anyone the raw power of the Genkidama.

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