More spoilers for the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” are leaked online. It appears that the people behind the popular anime series are hyping up the upcoming episodes with interesting details that not only excites but awestruck the fan base. Episodes 109 and 110 are both scheduled to air next month, but spoilers about it are now flooding the Internet.

New information about the one-hour special includes the Super Saiyan’s eyes turns Silver. In addition to the new color of the Saiyan’s eyes, the new scan also reveals that something big is going to happen to Goku. Moreover, fans should also look out for the new technique that the team leader of Universe7 is going to showcase.


Leaked details

Yonkou Productions shared on Twitter today the latest scan of the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super.” The special will feature Episodes 109 and 110 and will air on October 8. As translated into English by Todd Blankenship, the scan reveals more details about the hyped battle in the Tournament of Power.

Silver eyes

As a pure-blooded Saiyan, the color of Goku’s eyes is most of the time similar to his hair. When the Saiyan transform into a higher form of power, the colors of his hair and eyes also change.

In the recent scan, his eyes are noticeably silver in color. However, it is worth noting that his hair does not turn into silver. The silver color is only visible in the outer part of his spiked hair while the rest maintains the black color resemblance of his base form.

New form

In the scan, it is also stated that something big is going to happen to the fan-favorite Saiyan.


Could it be the heavily speculated and much-awaited new form? Based on the image shown in the scan, it appears that the team leader of Universe7 is going to showcase his new form sporting silver eyes and some silver hair. If this is so, it seems that the transformation is more like Gohan’s Mystic Form than another level of Super Saiyan.

While there are heavy speculations about what his next form would be limit-breaking, it appears that Goku was able to perfect his god ki and master the way to channel it effectively.

However, it could be anything else that fans have not yet predicted. It is interesting that the month-long speculations and debates about this new form will finally settle when the episodes finally went live.

New technique

In addition to the silver eyes and the new form, the scan mention about a new technique that Goku will showcase in the special. Based on the previous spoilers, fans have learned that the Saiyan’s 20 times Kaioken does not affect Jiren The Gray. Because of this, Goku uses his trump card, which is the Genki-Dama or the Spirit Bomb.


Is it possible that the theory about Goku absorbing the Spirit Bomb from the life forces of Beerus, Whiz, and the Omni-Kings is accurate? Will fans see the Omni-Powered Goku? For now, the fandom could only speculate until the much-awaited “Dragon Ball Super” one-hour special goes live.