Dragon Ball Super” is still rolling its Universal Survival Arc with the Tournament of Power being the highlight. We have seen several fighters from eight participating universes get knocked out of the battle arena including team Universe 7’s Krillin and Tenshinhan. The team still has eight remaining fighters at this time but one of them is in danger to get eliminated in the upcoming episode. There were speculations that it might be Vegeta, while others suggest that it’s going to be Master Roshi. However, what keeps fans buzzing is Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation.


How powerful is it?

Some Dragon Ball Super experts have their own theory of Goku’s brand new transformation, including one that says it’s going to be stronger than Beerus. Fans can recall when the Saiyan fighter fought against the God Of Destruction during the Battle of Gods, where he transformed into Super Saiyan God. It was a great fight, although he didn’t win against Beerus. This time, with Beerus as Universe 7’s God of Destruction, the new form is expected to be more powerful than him.

According to MaSTAR Media, Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan form in “Dragon Ball Super” is 50x multiplier over SSB but it is definitely not a combination of Red and Blue.

We all know that the Saiyan fighter has tapped into different transformations before mostly through anger. Just like his other forms, the brand new one also requires emotional trigger and there is one thing that might cause him to transform. His mentor, Master Roshi is suspected to get killed by Frost and this is one apparent reason for him to tap into his new transformation.

What about Jiren The Grey?

“Dragon Ball Super” will finally pit Goku and Jiren The Grey in the next few episodes and this will be the time that the Saiyan fighter transforms into his brand new form.


Goku will eventually discover that his Kaio-Ken x 20 won’t be powerful enough to defeat Jiren, whose even powerful than U11’s God of Destruction, Toppo. Interestingly, the hot-headed Saiyan will opt in to use an energy blast called the Spirit Bomb. The energy attack has been introduced before in the anime when Future Trunks use it to create the Sword of Light, which was so powerful it knocked his opponent down.

When will the new form debut?

It has been confirmed that Goku’s brand new form will debut in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 109 during his battle against Jiren The Grey.

The said episode will be showcased during the one-hour TV special of the anime on October 8. Let’s begin to fasten our seatbelts!