Jiren the Gray is one of the most powerful fighters in the Tournament of Power of "Dragon Ball Super." However, it seems that there is one fighter in one of the participating universes that is more powerful than the god of destruction of that particular universe. In the past episodes of the popular anime series, several characters have already hinted at the existence of this mortal that has beaten a god of destruction.

The powerful mortal

Each universe in "Dragon Ball Super" is assigned a god of destruction.


This deity is very powerful that it can destroy a particular universe with just a brush of its hand. Several mortals have tried fighting against them. Goku and Vegeta have tried but just failed. While these two powerful Saiyans were defeated, they have, in a way tried to force Beerus to use so much of his power.

Interestingly, Whis revealed to Goku in one of the past episodes, that there is a mortal who was able to defeat a god of destruction. The angel did not disclose the identity of this mortal.

However, Whis gave a clue as to where this mortal resides. In episode 93, the angel revealed that the god of destruction in that particular universe is stronger than Beerus. It turns out that Beerus was beaten by this god in an arm wrestling. The god in question is Quitela who reigns supreme in Universe 4.

Two missing fighters

In Episode 106, Grand Priest Daishinkan updated the Omni-Kings on the latest standings of each participating universe with their respective number of fighters in the tournament.

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Surprisingly, when the Grand Priest announced the number of fighters for Universe 4, Beerus grow anxious. When he was asked, Beerus pointed out that there are two fighters missing in the tournament. Tien added, that while in the tournament, he felt the presence but was unable to identify it. Beerus looked perplexed at that time and wondered what Quitela was up to.

It is possible that one of the missing fighters could be the powerful mortal who defeated Quitela. In the multiverse, Beerus is the most powerful god of destruction, and while the arm wrestling match is not really significant, it is awesome to know that there is really someone who can beat one of these powerful gods.

Could this be the reason why Goku was not able to win in his fight against Jiren? Is the team behind the series reserving this powerful mortal at the end of the Tournament of Power for Goku or Gohan, or Vegeta to fight with? Things are becoming more interesting with the turn of events in the fan-favorite anime series “Dragon Ball Super.”