The most hyped topic in "Dragon Ball Super" is Goku's new form. Fans have been talking about his new form even before the Tournament of Power started. It further intensified when the anime series released on Twitter an image showing the back of the Saiyan. Months after, another image was released, this time it shows the front view of the Saiyan with silver eyes and black hair. While Goku's new form is yet to be revealed, the hype has not stopped yet. There are more details about this new form revealed in the most recent spoilers.


Massive in power

The latest provisional titles disclosed that right after the one-hour special, fans will see Universe6’s Hit step up and fight Jiren. The title appeared strange since Goku is previously revealed to manifest his new form in the two-part event. However, it makes a whole lot of sense if we link this title to one of the theories discussed by most fans in the community.

In the upcoming epic fight with Jiren the Gray, it was previously revealed through spoilers that the Saiyan will turn Super Saiyan Blue, will increase his Kaioken 20 times and will use the Genki-Dama or the Spirit Bomb.

Interestingly, this amount of tremendous power will affect Jiren. After putting everything on the line, the latest spoilers revealed that Goku will unlock a powerful brand new form. This does not mean, however, that his new form will automatically lead him to defeat his opponent.

It appears that this new form will turn the color of his eyes into silver. Some of his hair will also turn silver while most part of it will remain black like his base form. This new form appears like it would make Goku more vulnerable.


By the time the Saiyan reached this new form, he has already used up much of his energy performing various forms of increasing his power.

His new form could consume the remaining energy he has left. The new power will overwhelm him momentarily. When this happens Hit will step in the fight and will give Goku ample time to get him back to his senses realizing his new power.

Maniac Saiyan

The provisional title for Episode 113 reveals that it will be about the Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle. This title, in a way, could be revealing that this new form is hard to control.

It is like the Berserker form that Kale showed in the previous episode of the anime series. Most likely, Goku will have a hard time controlling this new form, at first just like Kale, especially if it is based on his emotion.

Dragon Ball Super” episodes 109 and 110 are scheduled to air on October 8. It will be a one-hour special and will mark as the pinnacle of Tournament of Power.