The androids 17 and 18 returned to the series after the fans had expressed hope of seeing these characters play a larger role. The two had mostly been forgotten after the end of the Cell saga. The expectation to see a fight of Goku against Android 17 was too much, and the fans were delighted with this character. His sister, number 18, who is Krillin's wife, is also a character well liked by fans.

In the last few hours, a picture has been seen on the web, astounding all fans of "Dragon Ball Super." This image reveals a Fusion between both androids that will possibly occur in the tournament of power. The image was revealed by the page "GojitaAF", which is responsible for disseminating information about this anime.


Revealed image

As you can see, that is the controversial image that shows us the fusion between these androids. This union of bodies occurs through Metamor fusion, but not the fusion we saw in "Dragon Ball GT." In this series, the Android 17 from hell and the original, joined their bodies to then create a super android 17. This time, the brothers used a different technique, to create an incredible warrior.

Is this image real?

Unfortunately, for Android fans, this image is not real. This image is a fanart created by an unknown user. However, thanks to the edition and the similarity with advertising, it seems as if the image in question was real. Another reason that explains this, is that the page that revealed it, after publishing the image then deleted it, which suggests that such a scene will never happen in the series.

Is a fusion between androids possible?

Everything is possible in the world "Dragon Ball".


However, the fusion would not be carried out by the Metamoru dance since they do not know this technique. To make this fusion, Goku, who is the only character in the tournament that knows this technique, would have to teach them. On the other hand, the androids should be able to learn the steps, to then give way to the fusion.

Power of Fusion

We can not leave aside the great power that this fusion would possess. The androids have virtually infinite energy, which would ensure the fusion does not end prematurely in spite of the great power that it would have.

In addition to that, its strength could be compared to that of the Super Saiyan God of Goku, since Android 17 possesses a power similar to this. Of course, Goku would continue to be stronger, but the strength of this character would be incredible.

Finally, for those who do not know, we have already seen a fusion between Android 17 and 18 in the game "Dragon Ball Heroes". Below, we have a video where you can see this character.