Breaking news regarding the next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" has arrived. Only a few moments ago a small preview was revealed of Episode 108 [VIDEO]. The extended summary of the episode is unknown, but we already have information on this chapter which mentions to us that the Betrayal of the frost demon of universe 7 is imminent.

Official preview of episode 108

As Gohan has a tough fight against the Yadrat warrior of universe 2, Jimeze, Frieza comes running up saying that he will defeat to Jimeze.

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However, just as it looks like he has defeated Jimeze, he stops and announces he has turned traitor. He then states that due to their shared hatred for the Saiyans, Frost and he have allied themselves.

Suddenly, Gohan finds himself in a desperate situation.

As you can see, this little fragment of Episode 108 [VIDEO] confirms what we all thought would happen, that is, Frieza's betrayal. Clearly, it was a big mistake for Goku to recruit this character, since his betrayal was just a matter of time. Frieza's hatred for Goku and his friends is so great that it clouds his judgment for the tournament. Besides that, he is not aware of the danger represented by this competition and he is over confident in his strength.

The Frieza and Frost Plan

The alliance between both frost demons was an echo from the first moment in which both arrived at the world of the void. However, both characters are highly untrustworthy, so we do not rule out one betraying the other. The plan of both characters consists of manipulating the gods, started with the king of everything.

However, we believe that this will not come to anything since to get to the king of everything must first get by Daishinkan.

Finally, although the information states that the betrayal of Frieza will be imminent, to personal taste we believe that it is still too soon to confirm that he will betray Universe 7. As you know, the game "Dragon Ball Heroes" usually gives small clips of the current saga. One of the animations in this game shows Frieza fighting with Jiren. After watching this, it is possible that Frieza did not completely betray his universe, and ends up dispatching Frost himself.

It should be noted that the latter is speculation since we have no official information to support this theory. However, we are guided by the logic and by the attitudes of the best-known characters. We recommend discretion in this hypothesis.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, I will publish it immediately. For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.