"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 107 showcased Master Roshi's effective elimination from the Tournament of Power after releasing his infamous Mafuba or known as Evil Containment Wave. The Turtle Hermit though was in bad shape and if it wasn’t because of Vegeta, he could have been killed. The prince of all Saiyans asked him to get himself out of the battle arena if he still wants to come out alive, which was reluctantly followed by the older warrior. Now that there are already three warriors that team Universe 7 have lost in the battle royal, will the resurrected Frieza betray them?

Frieza and Frost’s alliance

The upcoming episode ofDragon Ball Super teases the possible conspiracy between the two universal counterparts, Frieza and Frost.


Titled “Frieza and Frost! Conjoined Malice?!,” it looks like these two former emperors would connive in an attempt to take down team Universe 7. Given their hatred against the Saiyan race, Goku in particular; it’s not impossible that these two villains would come up something evil. The synopsis of the upcoming episode hints Frieza’s betrayal as he smirks each time Gohan is being knocked down by his opponent. This gives the rest of the team U7 an impression that the resurrected villain has betrayed them.

The treaty

However, there is a wrinkle in the idea that Frieza will betray team Universe 7 in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. His 24-hour resurrection to fight in the battle royal is conditional.

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We can recall when Goku agreed to a pact that if the former emperor of evil will help the team win, he will live again – away from Hell. So, if it turns out that he will certainly betray the team, then it means that he can kiss his resurrection goodbye. On the other hand, he has probably planned something more interesting than we thought.

Will he betray Frost instead?

We all know how wise and clever Frieza is. He certainly knows that he will never get the chance to get back to life if he breaches the agreement. So, does this mean that the resurrected evil has something up his sleeves that we thought he’d never do? Comic Book suggests that his conspiracy with his universal counterpart can also mean that he will use Frost’s life-force to bring his life back.


Knowing his cunning nature, it may not be too surprising if he betrays Frost instead during the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.”

Frieza and Frost are two universal counterparts – with so many similarities that “Dragon Ball Super" fans can ever imagine. However, we doubt if they had developed a deeper friendship when they first met knowing that both of them are incapable of feeling what the normal people feel. Frieza is a narcissist. Frost is simply heartless – if that makes sense.