episode 106 of "Dragon Ball Super" does not contain great moments like episode 105. And what's more disappointing is that Tien Shinhan was eliminated in the Tournament of Power. But as usual, the story has moved, and it is now nearing into the climax. With a lot of things happening in the Tournament of Power, here are the top five things that we learned in the last episode.

1. Tien Shinhan was nerfed

Compared to Krillin, Tien Shinhan's elimination was not that exciting. They are both caught off-guard which lead to both of them being eliminated.


But at least, in Krillin's case, he was able to remove more fighters and also aid his teammates. Krillin's arc was justified because he was seen doing new things. While Tien Shinhan is regarded as more powerful than Krillin, his arc was bland, and he was extremely nerfed.

2. Piccolo is still a good tactician

The Namekian has shown a lot of smart moments this episode. He quickly deduced plans that helped him, and Gohan took one step ahead of the sniper. He also demonstrated how well he knows his abilities and body capacity and perfectly used those to execute his plans.

I can see why Gohan likes sticking with his green uncle more than his father. They can play with their wits, and at the same time, they can also train when necessary.

3. Dr. Rota is not a fighter

Dr. Rota wasted all his screen time trying to tell everyone what is his real ability. But a wasted screen time is a wasted screen time indeed. He was cut down twice just by trying to reveal his power. And nobody still knows what his real power is. Maybe they will reveal it in the next episodes to come, but I think Dr.


Rota is not a fighter. He is probably the weakest Universe 6 member. The reason why he is a Doctor is that he does not have capabilities to fight. He is a "doctor" after all, and maybe his real power is healing.

4. Vegeta is as reckless as Goku

Vegeta does not let his guard down, unlike Goku. But that does not mean that he is not as reckless as Goku. They share a lot of similarities because of their Saiyan heritage, and one of them is the thirst for battle. And because of that, Vegeta never choose his fights wisely.

He will be the first one rushing, trying to get the kill. Though if there's something Goku and Vegeta also shares, it is their luck and ability to get out of the tough spots.

5. Gohan, stop letting Piccolo babysit you

The only thing that Gohan did in this episode is to act tough and all while Piccolo's arms are damaged every single time. Though Piccolo doesn't mind protecting Gohan, the demi-Saiyan must learn how not to let his guard down. Please Gohan, Piccolo is not your babysitter.