In just a week, Dragon Ball Super” will return to deliver one of the most nerve-racking battles in the history of the entire franchise and everyone is stoked. After several battles of the other warriors in the Tournament of Power, Jiren has been silent but that’s going to change soon. The strongest Pride Trooper of Universe 11 will finally go head-to-head with Universe 7’s Son Goku. Several theories and speculations have been circulating online but as the climactic battle gets closer, fans are anxious to know more about the much-awaited battle. Recently, a new set of synopsis of the upcoming episodes have been released and it certainly promises a tense battle.


Who is stronger?

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109 and 110 are going to be a two-part premiere of Goku’s much-awaited battle with Jiren The Grey. Apparently, the Universe 11’s strongest fighter has been extremely silent since the start of the tournament but he finally enters the skirmish. Todd Blankenship shared his English translation of the synopsis on Twitter, which suggests that the Pride Trooper is definitely menacing. “Merely by rousing himself to fight, this formidable foe gives off a fearsomely intimidating air and Goku challenges [Jiren] to one-on-one combat,” reads the synopsis.

Will Goku survive?

Looking at the synopsis of “Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110, it seems that Jiren intimidates Goku yet again just like the first time they met at the World of Void, where warriors gathered for the tournament. Because of the Pride Troopers immeasurable power, Goku will use his Kaio-Ken x20 attack, which is already a maximum level whilst in his Super Saiyan Blue form.


Moreover, he will also charge a Genki Dama or the Spirit Bomb, which is the strongest attack in the entire “DB” franchise. Unfortunately, as seen in the short preview of their brawl, Jiren doesn’t seem fazed with the attack but he looks like he is ready to play.

Overpowering brand new form

As a result, Goku will transform into his impending brand new form but he may not be able to handle it that will lead to his failure in beating Jiren The Grey. Theories have it that his new transformation on “Dragon Ball Super” could overwhelm the Saiyan and might take a toll on his body.

This is where Hit steps in to fight the Pride Trooper to divert his attention away from Goku. That way, the Saiyan will have more time to recover from the battle. Vegeta is also suspected to go head-to-head with the muscular humanoid fighter to help his comrade even if it means sacrificing his life.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110 will cover the climactic battle between Goku and Jiren on October 8 during the anime’s one-hour TV special.