Things are definitely heating up in "Dragon Ball Super" as synopses for episodes 107 to 109 have been released. From the looks of it, the stench of betrayal is in the air including one of the ongoing arc's much-awaited battle.

Frost vs Master Roshi

Yonkou Productions recently took to Twitter to spill out the news about the show. As reported beforehand, episode 107 dubbed "Revenge F! The Cunning Trap Is Set!?" will feature Frost as he will be tapped by Universe 6's Kaioshin Fuwa to eliminate Son Goku's crew. Per the tweet, he was promised that all his debts would be wiped clean from the records provided that Universe 6 wins the Tournament of Power. As an added bonus, he will also be given some monetary aid to jumpstart his business again as long as the requisite will be met. That being said, he will be setting his crosshairs to Master Roshi who is still fresh from an intense match.


Treachery looms

Episode 108 - "Frieza and Frost! Their Ill Will Meets!?" May well seem to provide hints that Frieza's betrayal will be evident in this installment. It is said that he looks to his next opponent, though it did not say who will it be. The synopsis also mentioned that Gohan's struggle in his match puts a smile on the antagonist's face, though the Z-Warriors are very wary of what he'll be doing next. If the title of the episode is anything to go by, it implies that both Frieza and his Universe 6 look alike might have made a secret deal early on in the tourney.

Jiren makes his move

Meanwhile, it looks like the highly anticipated Jiren-Son Goku clash could finally happen in episode 109 entitled "Strongest Enemy Approaches Goku! Fire it Now! Sure-Kill Spirit Bomb!!" However, the plot suggests that the Saiyan will be facing Ribrianne first whose goal is to become "humanity's beloved goddess" once she wins the tournament.


Son Goku could be in a whole lot of trouble in this episode as both Jiren and Ribrianne will be releasing their full potentials towards the protagonist. It is also believed that Son Goku's so-called limit breaker form might finally be seen as it was previously hinted.

Programming shuffle

These episodes are slated to air this month, though episode 107 will not be shown until the following week. The first week of October, on the other hand, will air a one-hour "One Piece" special and another hour-long special from "Dragon Ball Super" the following week. Check out a video about the anime here: