The latest "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers and episode titles are out. The tournament of Power is in its final stage as Universe 7 fighters battle the remaining warriors. After defeating the mysterious sniper in Episode 106, Goku and company are set to face Jiren, Jemez and other fierce warriors. Can they beat them and save Universe 7 from the Omni-Kings’ wrath? Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming “Dragon Ball Superepisodes.

According to Todd Blankenship, a popular source for “DBS” scoop, has shared the latest spoilers for the three upcoming installments of the series.

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However, Blankenship has tweeted that the original scoop has been taken from someone on 2chan.

Episode 107 – Frost vs. Muten Roshi

“Revenge ‘F’! A Cunning Trap is Laid?!” is the title of the 107th installment [VIDEO] of the anime series.

“The Kaioshin Fuwa orders Frost to defeat a Universe 7 warrior. Frost readily agrees to this order, on the conditions that if Universe 6 wins then his crimes will be forgiven and he will receive financial aid for starting up his business again. Frost immediately goes after the Turtle Hermit,” reads the spoilers. Meanwhile, there is no new episode “Dragon Ball Super” airing this week on Fuji TV due to change in programming. Episode 107 will air next week on Sunday at 9 a.m. Japan standard time.

Episode 108 – Will Freeza betray?

This episode is called “Freeza and Frost! Intersecting Evil?!” Freeza looks for his next opponent. Elsewhere, Gohan is up against Jemez and they are having a tough battle. Freeza watches and smirks at Gohan getting beaten up and Universe 7 team members feel that Freeza has betrayed them.

It will be interesting to see what Freeza has in mind against the team.

Episode 109 – Jiren vs. Goku

The installment is titled “The Strongest Enemy Bears Down on Goku! Now’s the Time to Fire! A Surefire Genki-Dama!!” And this appears to be the longest title of any “Dragon Ball Super” episode so far. In the installment, Gohan has a tough battle while Ribrianne and Son Goku continue their fight. Ribrianne, desperately, wants to win the Tournament of Power so that she can become a Goddess and revered by humanity. She gives her all and attacks Goku. Elsewhere, Jiren of Universe 11, who has been conserving his powers, goes into action and appears in front of Goku. Jiren’s “unthinkable colossal ki” startles Goku and another fighter. Can Jiren’s colossal ki take down Goku? Watch the latest episodes of the series with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Daisuki and Anime Lab.