Frost and Frieza are set to join forces against Universe 7 warriors. As the Tournament of Power is in its last phase, the remaining 32 participants give their all to save their universes from the Omni-Kings. Dragon Ball Super” resumes this week after a one-week hiatus. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the forthcoming “DBS” episodes.

Episode 107

Two universes have been destroyed while half the fighters have been eliminated from the Tournament of Power. In the installment titled “Revenge F! A Cunning Trap is Laid?!” the battle continues as Frost looks for his chance to beat Vegeta. Frost is a cunning warrior and he uses the Mafuba technique which the Turtle Hermit launches at Magetta to successfully seal Vegeta.


Will Frost able to seal Vegeta away for good?

In the preview trailer of the episode, Goku tells the Turtle Hermit to not to use Mafuba technique against Frost as he can counter it and kill him. But, it is too late for the Turtle Hermit to stop the attack. Episode 107 of Dragon Ball Super will hit the airwaves on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Installment 108

Son Gohan and Jimeze are battling against each other in episode 108. Jimeze is using the teleportation techniques to toy around with Gohan in the episode and Frieza comes to help him in the fight. Just when it appears that he has defeated Jimeze, Frieza announces that he has turned traitor against Universe 7. He declares that because of the shared animosity for the Saiyans, he has decided to fight along Frost and beat Universe 7 out of the Tournament of Power.


Frieza's betrayal will come as a major shock and can shake things up for other universes.

Son Goku wants to save Gohan from Jimeze, but he is pitted against Ribrianne who appears extremely dangerous. Ribrianne is jealous of him when he is praised by none other than the God of Destruction, Helles of Universe 2. Will she let Goku help Gohan in his fight against Jimeze? This episode of the anime series will telecast on Fuji TV on Sunday, Sept. 24.

Episode 109 & Episode 110

On Sunday, Oct. 1, the network will not telecast an episode of the series as the show takes a break.


On Oct. 8, there will be a special one-hour installment featuring the ultimate fight. Son Goku will be fighting against an old enemy named Jiren, who is known to be fierce as a fighter. It will be interesting to see if Goku can match up to Jiren's strength in this special episode. The latest episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" are available for users in the U.S. on Crunchyroll and FUNimation.