Each Universe 7 warrior has an overwhelming fanbase and one can well imagine the fans’ reactions when their favorite hero dies or gets eliminated in the Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. Fortunately, there is no U7 warrior who died in the battle royal, except Master Roshi, who almost kissed death, but thanks to Goku, was revived. Right now, the team has seven surviving warriors following Krillin, Tenshinhan, and the Turtle Hermit’s elimination. However, Vegeta’s fanbase might not like the idea that he might bid goodbye soon once he fights Jiren The Grey. It might sound fuzzy at this time but theories have it that the prince of all Saiyans might stake his life for his home’s survival.


Vegeta fights Jiren

New titles forDragon Ball Super Episodes 111, 112 and 113 have been recently released in Japan and Todd Blankenship was quick to share his English translation of the titles. One episode that already sent fans into a frenzy is titled “Vegeta’s Resolve,” which might have the prince of all Saiyans eliminated. What could be worse is that he might meet his end once he goes head-to-head with Jiren. For him, this might be a good chance to try to beat the undefeated Pride Trooper.

Goku fails to defeat Jiren

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 111 is titled “Hit vs Jiren!!” and it’s clear that Goku is not successful in beating Jiren The Grey during the anime’s back-to-back episode. Although there was no synopsis released for the said episodes, fans were quick to speculate that the Universe 6 warrior will step in to give Goku time to overcome his brand new form.


It can be recalled when the Saiyan helped Hit when he was cornered by Kunshi and Dyspo that even his Time-Skip technique was immobilized. Apparently, Hit returns the favor to Goku.

Vegeta might pay the price

Just like the possible reason of Hit on fighting against Jiren in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 111, Vegeta might do the same. Both fighters will have to give Goku more time to overcome his brand new Super Saiyan transformation. Additionally, Vegeta and Hit should battle against the Pride Trooper to keep Jiren distracted and draw his attention away from Goku while the Saiyan is recovering.

However, the prince of all Saiyans might end up being eliminated after fighting against the muscular humanoid fighter.

Another theory is that Jiren’s attack might get Vegeta killed. As we all know, killing is not allowed in the Tournament of Power. If the prince of all Saiyans is killed by Jiren, then the Omni-King might just eliminate the Pride Trooper if need be. “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 112 is slated to air on October 22.