Dragon Ball Super” is set to pit Goku against Jiren The Grey during the back-to-back episode of the anime in October. The muscular humanoid fighter is considered the strongest warrior of Universe 11 and like Toppo previously said, even if he combines his power with Goku, it can never surpass Jiren. Fans even suspect him to be the mortal warrior stronger than a God of Destruction. That was what Whis previously told team Universe 7 when the Tournament of Power was about to start. The Saiyan warrior is also expected to debut his brand new Super Saiyan transformation during his battle against Jiren. Recently, the synopsis for episode 111 was released [VIDEO] and Todd Blankenship shared it on Twitter with his English translation.

Episode 111

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 is titled “Hit vs Jiren!!” and is slated to air on October 15. Apparently, the Universe 6 warrior is expected to fight Jiren [VIDEO] in an attempt to draw the Pride Trooper’s attention away from Goku. Does this mean that Hit will be the Saiyan fighter’s aid during his grueling battle against the muscular humanoid warrior? Perhaps, the answer is yes. Fans can recall when the U6 fighter was cornered by Dyspo and Kunshi of Universe 11, where Goku stepped in to help Hit.

Hit helps Goku

When Goku helped Hit during the battle against Dyspo, the member of the Pride Troopers managed to immobilize the Universe 6 fighter’s Time-Skip technique. It became more difficult for him when Kunshi intervened to bind Hit but thanks to Goku he was able to release him from the warrior’s dirty tactic.

From there, “Dragon Ball Super” fans watched Goku and Hit fight side-by-side to take down Kunshi. Apparently, it’s possible that Hit will soon step in to help the Saiyan warrior in his backbreaking battle against Universe 11’s strongest fighter. Will he be able to give Goku more time to get used to his brand new transformation?

Goku’s brand new form

At the end of the 108th episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans were treated to a short preview of Goku and Jiren’s highly-anticipated battle. The footage shows the Pride Trooper flinging the Saiyan warrior mid-air before he sends him flying to the tournament arena. It is strong enough that it leaves a large crater on the ground. After the animation reel switches back to the two warriors, the muscular humanoid warrior can be seen staring down at the massive Spirit Bomb energy that Goku creates.

This might be the time that Goku transforms into his brand new Super Saiyan form while using the Spirit Bomb energy blast. The attack is the strongest one in the entire “Dragon Ball” franchise, which borrows energy from living creatures. Apparently, Jiren is extremely strong, so Goku has to do this to take him down (if he can). “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 109 is slated to air on October 8 during a one-hour TV special.