The much-awaited battle between two powerful fighters of the multiverse is happening in “Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110. The two episodes will air on October 8 and will run for an hour each. The fight between Goku and Jiren has been heavily speculated on by fans since the Tournament of Power started. There is so much to look forward to in this fight and just like most of the fighters participating in the tournament; both are putting everything on the line to save their respective universe from total annihilation.



According to the latest "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers, Goku will use 20 times Kaio-Ken to Jiren, however, it is revealed that it will not work. This proves how strong Jiren really is. Because of his unsuccessful attempt and because he is running out of options, the Super Saiyan will use his ace card to try to defeat his opponent—the Genki-Dama or the Spirit Bomb.


In the past installments of the popular anime, fans have witnessed this powerful technique used by Goku to defeat powerful enemies in the past.

When Goku used it against Majin Buu, he was able to push the Spirit Bomb back. However, there are several issues about this powerful technique.

This includes the fact that the technique only affects evil or evil creature. Jiren is actually a good person and the reason why he is fighting in the Tournament of Power is to protect his universe. In fact, in his universe, he is one of the Pride Troopers that the citizens looks up to. So, there is no assurance that using this technique will defeat Jiren.


Aside from this, there is another issue. The technique sources its power from the life force of living creatures in the universe or multiverse. The tournament is held in the World of Void and the place is a realm where no creature is alive and time does not exist.


There is a theory from Mastar, one of a content creator of anime in YouTube, about the Omni-powered Goku. According to the YouTuber, it is possible that Goku will ask the life forces of Beerus and Wiz, which are both present in the tournament.

There is also a greater chance that he will get those life forces from two of the most powerful gods in the entire multiverse-the Omni-Kings.

The theory claims that it could be possible that while Goku is asking for the life forces of Beerus and Wiz, the two Zenos saw it and would raise their hands because they would find it cool and would like to try it too. According to this theory, instead of using it towards his opponent, the Saiyan will absorb this energy that will fuel his TRANSFORMATION.


Getting the life forces of the most powerful gods in the multiverse is no doubt the most powerful weapon against any opponent in “Dragon Ball Super.