Spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 108 revealed that Frieza and Frost would join forces to defeat the Great Saiyaman, Son Gohan.

The previous spoilers for Dragon Ball Super” episode 107, 108 and 109 teased the return of the villain [VIDEO] Frost. In 107, Frost accepted the task of taking down the representatives of Universe 7 to free him from his debts to Universe 6 and to gain some financial assistance for his business.

The Great Saiyaman and two villains

Meanwhile, 108 featured Frieza and the Universe 7 fighters who were closely watching one another’s movements.

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Frieza watched Gohan’s battle against Jimizu while the Universe 7 representatives kept an eye on the suspicious villain. An up-to-date spoiler via comicbook then revealed the defeat of Jimizu and Frieza’s declaration of his turn to fight Gohan.

Frieza additionally announced that he and Frost joined forces because they both hate the Saiyan race.

Frieza, who was currently tagging along with the Universe 7 warriors, was a famous villain who had died and resurrected for the sole purpose of participating in the tournament of power. He would only return to life if the Universe 7 representatives won the tournament. Frost, on the other hand, was introduced as a defender of justice. He was a space pirate who always got compared to Frieza because of their similar features. Frost fought evil-doers in the first few parts of the series but became an antagonist in the later episodes. As the two famous villains combined their powers, Gohan was forced to face a difficult situation.

Jiren's new power

On the other hand, 109 spoilers featured Goku and Ribrianne’s battle and the Universe 11 warrior Jiren releasing his stored ki in front of Goku and the other fighters who were later on frightened because of the Pride Troopers’ unexpected display of power.

As fans might have remembered, a spoiler for episode 107 featured Pride Troopers [VIDEO] Jiren and Dispo fighting the Universe 3 representative, Maji Kayo.

Jiren, who always has his eyes closed, showed his exceptional skills by dodging Maji Kayo’s attacks. And, despite Kayo’s jelly-like body, Jiren showed superiority during the battle. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 108 spoilers also teased its title “Frieza and Frost! Their Ill Will Meet!?” that will be released on September 24. But before the anime featured the collaboration of the evil villains, episode 107 titled “Revenge F! The Cunning Trap is Set?” will first air this Sunday, September 17.