More and more fighters are getting eliminated in the onslaught within the Tournament of Power of Dragon Ball Super.” However, the show is not yet over as the folks behind the anime are at full throttle preparing for the highly anticipated 1-hour special. We already witnessed Frost made his plans into action in the previous episode which ended with Master Roshi’s retirement. Nevertheless, the evil warrior of Universe 6 is not yet over as his new target is Goku’s boy, Gohan. Furthermore, Frost will bring Frieza to his side to take down the mighty Saiyan.


How will Goku and the rest of the team deal with this betrayal?

Fighting intensifies!

With thirty minutes left in the Tournament, the fierce battle continues, and Goku will find himself face to face once again with Universe 2’s Ribrianne. Helles, the God of Destruction of Universe 2, will compliment Goku for his battle prowess that will make the magical girl jealous. Through her jealousy, Ribrianne’s attack on our hero will intensify.

Meanwhile, Gohan will have trouble dealing with another Universe 2 warrior because of his elusiveness.

Jimeze the Yardrat makes it hard for Gohan to pin him down because of his Instant Transmission technique. Frieza will approach Gohan, but instead of helping the Saiyan, the evil emperor declared his betrayal and his alliance with Universe 6’s Frost.

Betrayals after betrayals?

Knowing Frieza, fans will see from miles away that the evil warrior will betray Goku and the team sooner or later. With another of his kind in tow, Gohan is now put in a tight spot where he has to deal with the treacherous duo before they make a devastating move on the team.

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We still don’t know what is Frieza’s real motivation because he is not a fool to go with something that he doesn't plan thoroughly. In any case, Frieza’s betrayal doesn’t reveal much of an advantage for him because if he eliminated Universe 7 warriors, he will suffer the same fate and gets erased all the same.

Frieza’s hatred of the Saiyans is one of the logical ways to explain his actions, but his betrayal doesn’t give much of a purpose. However, an avid fan suggested that Frost and Frieza are well aware of each other's treacherous tendencies and both of them are attempting to double-cross one another.

When it comes to raw power, Frieza will thrash Frost with his Golden Form, but we all know that in the tournament, raw power is not everything. All in all, it seems that both Frost and Frieza is making the best out of their opportunity to get their hands on the Super Dragon Balls. For now, let’s just wait and see how things will play out inDragon Ball Super that airs on Crunchyroll every Saturday.