Dragon Ball Super” continues the thrilling action and explosive fights of the Tournament of Power in episode 108. The cosmic battle royal is almost halfway through, and two universes have already met their untimely ends in the hands of the little Zen-Ohs. There are a lot of things bound to happen in the survival battle especially the highly anticipated battle between Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren. For now, Frieza has returned to the spotlight to mess with Son Gohan.

Gohan is in trouble!

Episode 108 kicked off with Goku facing Universe 2’s Ribrianne where the self-proclaimed warrior of love unleashed a barrage of attacks to Goku.

The Saiyan, on the other hand, enjoyed the thrill of the fight with the powerful fighter.

Meanwhile, Gohan was attempting to regroup with his teammates when he was intercepted by the Yardrat of Universe 2 named Jimeze. Gohan was familiar with the unique abilities of the Yardrat which made him very careful in dealing with the enemy. However, Jimeze’s insane speed was no match to the half-Saiyan when the pink-skinned battler pummeled him. When Jimeze was about to deliver the finishing blow, Frieza stepped in which distracted the Universe 2 fighter.


Frieza and Frost alliance

Seeing Gohan having a hard time with Jimeze, Frieza stepped in, but instead of helping the half-Saiyan deal with the troublesome Instant Transmission user, the evil emperor expressed how disappointed he was in Goku’s son. Beerus continuously ordered Frieza to attack Jimeze, but he simply stood silently. Krillin then realized that Frieza was planning something evil and he intended Gohan to drop out of the fight.

The battle continued once again yet Frieza opted to be an observer and let Jimeze fight Gohan one-on-one.


With the results still favoring the Yardrat, Frieza butted in once more and this time, thrashed Jimeze leaving him half dead in the spectator’s stand. Meanwhile, Frost revealed himself and openly declared his alliance with Frieza. Frost let Frieza battle Gohan first to test his loyalty and see if Frieza was willing to work with him. However, the evil emperor was cooking up a plan of his own with Gohan.

Frieza the traitor

Gohan and Frieza faked their fight to fool Frost, and when Frieza has gotten Frost's complete trust, the Universe 7 emperor attacked Frost and knocked him out of the arena.

Frost was so furious of Frieza’s double-cross and he attempted to attack the treacherous warrior from outside the arena. However, Zen-Ohs was fast to intervene and erased Frost on the spot, warning Universe 6 that if the same thing happened once more, all of Universe 6 would be erased.

With all said and done, Krillin and the others still thought that Frieza was about to betray them if Gohan hadn’t realized it. We all know that Frieza really hates the Saiyans and he may just be waiting for the best time to turn his back on Universe 7 to get his hands on the Super Dragon Balls.


For now, let’s just wait and see what more Dragon Ball Super has to offer us this coming Saturday.