"Dragon Ball Super" was back with another action-packed episode entitled "Frieza and Frost! Conjoined Malice?!" The "Tournament Survival Arc" was easily the most popular story the show has tackled so far and it also introduced a variety of cool new characters.

After recent episodes focused on some of the side characters, like Master Roshi and Tien, the title suggested a shift in focus towards Frieza, who has stayed quiet throughout the battle royale.

Heating up

The opening few minutes were rather exciting, with multiple fights being showcased.


We got to see Goku and Gohan face off against their own opponents, while Frieza looked down upon the mayhem and wondered who would make for a good playmate.

The animation was pretty decent, especially for "Dragon Ball Super," with a lot of a quick movement and flashy visuals. There was a quite an impressive amount of action going on, although they were intercut with heavy dialogue scenes. A slightly funny part was seeing Frieza suddenly appear to help Gohan, while obviously getting in a quick jab because of his teammate's weakened state.

With his motives unclear, Beerus and the rest of Universe 7's spectators started to wonder whether the villain plans on betraying Gohan. Although Frieza is one of the most one-dimensional characters in the series, this lack of depth actually added some tension to this arc. The villain eventually stepped in and foughts Jimeze, who was giving Gohan a lot of trouble and easily destroyed him.

Deadly pair

Since the beginning of this arc, it has been suggested that Frost and Frieza are working together.


It seems that this plot thread finally comes to a head during episode 108. With Gohan weakened, Frost stepped in and asked his stronger counterpart to eliminate the Saiyan to prove his allegiance.

The two Universe 7 representatives got into a fight, with both transforming into their strongest forms. This was the first time they had ever really fought, so it was pretty exciting to see, although the villain dominated most of it. With the Saiyan knocked out, Frieza tricked Frost and eliminated him.

Later it was revealed that he was only pretending to fight Gohan.

Furious, Frost tried to attack the battlefield and was promptly erased. The twist was a bit predictable, but episode 108 still delivered in terms of action and suspense. One of the best entries of this arc, "Dragon Ball Super" continues its steady rise from mediocrity to greatness.