The conjoined malice in the form of Frieza and Frost will turn things upside down for Universe 7 warriors. In Dragon Ball Super” episode 108, Frieza joins forces with Frost to go against Goku and company. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the forthcoming episode of the anime series.

Official preview trailer – Episode 108

Son Gohan tells his dad Goku, that Frieza is extremely cruel and it was wrong to call him an ally after all. He adds that Frieza has been dealing with Frost behind their backs.

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Gohan calls him a traitor. He vows that they won’t let the traitor roam free. The preview trailer show Frost and Gohan battling it out and clearly Frost is giving him a hard time.

Elsewhere, Ribrianne is landing blows on Goku. She wants to teach him a lesson and prove that she is a better warrior and has the capability to eliminate him from the Tournament of Power. Towards the end of the trailer, Frost and Frieza are seen ganging up against Gohan who is furious.

Episode 108 spoilers roundup

Frieza looks for someone he can fight as Yardratian Jimeze toys with Gohan [VIDEO]. He is getting knocked around in the arena by Jimeze. Frieza shocks everyone by declaring that he has decided to turn against Universe 7. Instantly, he cut ties with Goku and the others and things take an ugly turn.

Episode 107 quick recap

Half the warriors have been eliminated from the tournament and two universes have decimated. Meanwhile, Frost looks for a chance to beat Vegeta who is his arch enemy.

In Episode 107 of the anime series, Frost remembers a deal he struck with Champa to erase his criminal records if Universe 6 emerge victoriously. Earlier, Champa put down his deal as he embarrassed the team during Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 battle. But, now, he is ready to give a chance to Frost to prove his worth. Meanwhile, the Great Priest informs the Omni-Kings about the existing warriors. He tells them that Universe 2 has two warriors, Universe 3 has seven fighters, there are four left in Universe 4. Both Universe 6 and Universe 7 have eight and Universe 11 has just three.

Meanwhile, Beerus points out that Universe 4 is supposed to have four fighters but only two are visible in the area for the tournament. Whis tells him that the warriors of Universe 4 have special abilities and it is likely that they will appear soon and maybe change the game. The latest episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO] can be streamed with English subtitles on FUNimation and Crunchyroll.