Frieza's behavior makes Universe 7 warriors uneasy. Will Frost and Frieza team up in Dragon Ball Super” Episode 108? The latest Weekly Shonen Jump spoilers for the episode has been released. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the forthcoming episode.

Official Jump spoilers – Episode 108

“As Tournament of Power gets rougher with time, more and more fighters are eliminated. At the same time, Jimeze of Universe 2 is giving Gohan a tough battle and Frieza does nothing but watch.

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Did Frieza betray Universe 7…?! [Frost’s picture] Frieza and Frost of Universe 6 discuss joining forces. [Goku’s picture] Jimeze is using his instant transmission and giving Gohan a hard time.

As expected traitor Frieza’s real motive is?!” reads the Jump preview.

Gohan has a tough fight against Jimeze, and Frieza arrives. Universe 7 warriors believe that he will help out Son Gohan. But, Frieza declares that he has turned rogue. Frieza announces that he is not with Universe 7 anymore. He tells that due to shared hatred for the Saiyans, he and Frost have decided to fight together against them. Meanwhile, Gohan is stuck in a tough situation. Can Goku help him?

Ribrianne this week

Elsewhere, the fight between Ribrianne and Son Goku intensifies. The God Of Destruction of Universe 2, Helles, praises Goku and Ribrianne is jealous. She starts to attack Goku with renewed vigor and energy. Goku is needed by Gohan’s side as he is in trouble. But, Ribrianne stands as a major obstacle in front of Goku.

Episode 8 of the anime series will hit the airwaves on Sunday, Sept. 24 on Fuji TV.

Episode 109, 110 spoilers

This will be a special installment [VIDEO] titled “One Hour Special: This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes! Son Goku vs. Jiren” and it will air on Sunday, Oct. 8. No “Dragon Ball Super” episode on Sunday, Oct. 9. According to the spoilers, Goku has entered the Tournament of Power with nine fighters including Frieza. Universe 7 has lost Tenshinhan and Kuririn, but they still have eight fighters. Meanwhile, 32 warriors remain in the tournament, and they are fighting to save their universes. But, as the tournament enters its last leg, the God of Destruction Beerus finds out something weird about the number of warriors left in Universe 4. Fans can watch “Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO] episodes online through live stream mode with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and FUNimation. The episodes also air on Fuji TV every Sunday in Japan.